Personal Brand for Business Success

What Your Personal Brand does for Your Business

Personal brand building will help you grow your professional network, attract more customers and opportunities, increase visibility online, and create success in all aspects of your life. Personal branding isn’t just about what’s right for the company but also what’s right for each individual person. Personal Branding is an opportunity to be creative with who you want to be seen as professionally!

► What Your Personal Brand does for Your Business – Personal branding has been around since long ago and now it’s time that you hop on board! Personal branding is a fantastic way to grow

According to when you build your personal brand for business:-

  • 561% more reach from employees sharing business brand messaging
  • Content is shared 24X more frequently
  • 8 X more engagement from employees VS brand

Many business leaders and small business owners that I speak to have heard the words ‘Build Your Brand’ or ‘Branding’ or ‘Personal Branding!’

Personal Brand for Business

But many don’t yet realize personal branding is the most powerful way to build their businesses!

Since I began helping business owners and serious professionals really focusing on building a personal brand for business use has become a thing!

Personal brand for business success

Your personal brand can support your business brand and visa versa

You can build your business brand and then build your personal brand alongside it or you can do it in the reverse, it just depends which one is going to deliver you the right amount of traction.

Your personal brand can benefit you as well as your business. Solidifying your personal message can attract new clients and grow your business.

Your personal brand must be authentic! 

Social media is for conversations and building your personal brand for business authentically is key. Don’t be afraid to use your own voice and opinions to express yourself and share ideas.

Support your business

Promoting news about your company alongside your own personal brand expands both your and your company’s influence. Such promotions may help you gain clout at industry events and even attract job offers from competitors.

Refine your profile

Polishing your profiles are a great branding exercise to start with. Pick a bold header image, a clear profile photo, and select a piece of content to sit at the top of your profiles, representative of what’s most important to you. Also, include a link to a personal website in your bio.

Personal branding helps you explain what you do simply and can be used for LinkedIn, your website, CV, Resume, podcast episodes, public speaking…

  • Helps you build authority, credibility and trust
  • Helps you show off why you are different and better than anyone else
  • Build brand you for career and business success

The main problem is most entrepreneurs, business people have no idea they are sitting on a goldmine, all they need to do is to take the time to build effective wording around what it is that they do.

Brand Yourself so People Understand

Helps you to use the right words so people understand the “Why You?”

  1. What do you do in words everyone understands?
  2. What gives you credibility and authority?
  3. Why are you different and better than anyone else?
  4. What cornerstone words represent you authentically?

Once the wording has been put together to explain these key elements, you can begin to build your image and begin to craft your social media presence.

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