Online Consumer Privacy, Security And Protecting Your Data

Joined by Pierre Valade CEO at Jumbo Privacy – Founder of Sunrise Calendar (That sold to Microsoft) we discussed protecting consumer privacy, this topic is so important!!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, people have been encouraged to stay home and avoid large crowds. While this may be necessary for public health, it raises several concerns about online privacy. In this blog post, we’ll explore how online consumer privacy is changing during quarantine and beyond. We’ll also offer tips on how to safeguard your data. Thank you for reading and do listen to the podcast below!

Online consumer privacy is so important, learn more about it in this podcast

Join me for this Influential Visions podcast episode as I speak with Pierre Valade CEO at Jumbo Privacy – Founder of Sunrise Calendar (That sold to Microsoft). We discuss online consumer privacy, which is one topic that many people don’t think about until their data gets scooped up by tech companies and put into a database without them knowing. What can you do? How much information do we really need from our internet browsing history or social media activity before it becomes problematic when harvested en masse by third parties who sell/use your information.

In the podcast and video below we discuss: –

Protecting consumer privacy and security online takes a lot of time and is very complex

With most of the world in quarantine over Covid-19, we are spending a lot more time online. How do everyday users control the data big tech companies are collecting on them?

Online security is hard. We know that because every day we have to protect ourselves from hackers and data thieves who would steal our personal information or worse yet-make it public for all of society’s ills! Fortunately, there has been an overwhelming demand (and thus far) success in creating products that keep you safe while also protecting your privacy – like encryption software does not collect any identifying info on its users without permission; browser plugins block certain types of challenge/barred access port components the web page. Jumbo is an amazing mobile app and I use it myself!

Users want privacy and safety!

Users are asking for better products: products that protect them, where their data is not harvested, where they are not unwittingly turned into the product. 

According to Pierre Valade, Jumbo’s goal is to help build an internet we can all trust; we’re doing this by giving back control and making privacy accessible. This involves hard product decisions to always protect users. It’s great that we are moving in this direction, but it comes with its own challenges and constraints. 

Pierre Valade, Jumbo’s founder and CEO says that they are working hard to create a trustworthy internet where users can enjoy their digital lives without being monitored or tracked by third parties.

Check out what Jumbo does below in the video.

Future of the privacy landscape 

More and more users care about their privacy. This is an underserved market. But there are a growing number of services and tools to help. 

You can also hear Michael Tobin OBE’s opinion on this here: Data Protection, Privacy and Philosophy with Mike Tobin OBE

Americans opt-out of products due to privacy concerns

Conclusion: There is a lot to do in order to protect your privacy and security online. It’s not easy, it requires time, and there are many ways for you to be harmed if you don’t take the right steps. But more importantly, people want protection from those who would harm them or exploit their data. This has been evidenced by recent news stories about companies like Facebook that have harvested user information without permission – even though they had claimed that they wouldn’t use this kind of personal data as part of advertising campaigns. “Jumbo’s goal is to help build an internet we can all trust; we’re doing this by giving back control and making privacy accessible.” More and more users care about their privacy and if this is you please checkout Jumbo here: