National Careers Week #NCW2017

National Careers Week 2017 is such a great idea to educate young people around their careers with national careers week 2017 #NCW2017! It so fits into the assistance I offer on personal branding, which I coach and write about.

Taking control of your personal brand is something that could really help so many of the young people in the UK and you can learn more about this topic here: The Ultimate Guide To Personal Branding

Personal branding can help you to get into university and can help you get the job you really want, I hope you like my social wall with some of the Tweets and Instagram posts around the hashtag #NCW2017

“NCW is run as a not-for-profit company to promote the importance of good careers education in schools and colleges, founded and backed by a number of volunteers with a wealth of experience from education, business and careers guidance.

In Education, there is evidence at the Government level that CEIAG needs to improve to ensure future generations will benefit from quality, meaningful interactions that help them understand the links between courses, skills and the pathways they open up. NCW has been all about empowering schools, colleges, Universities, Teachers and Careers Professionals across the UK to celebrate quality CEIAG for at least one full week every year, irrespective of their current activities or lack of funding and resources in this area. “ Quote

In the UK and everywhere else in the world we need more initiatives like this one to assist young people to get employment and to shape their careers from an early age, the first step is awareness of where they are versus where they want to get to. Without the understanding of the gap between where you are now versus where you want to be you cannot make a plan!

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