Mind Power for Businesses Part 1

Do I have a secret to your life?

Do you know that you have a unique position as a business leader in the world? You can cross borders like no one else and make a difference. Well, if you think about it, a religious leader cannot do that, nor a political leader or a military leader – only a business leader, who can be seen as an economic leader and therefore is more independent. With independence comes responsibility.

As a business leader, you have a huge responsibility to many people around you; not only your employees, subcontractors, clients/customers but also their networks and families. Everything you think, feel and say is affecting “your people”.

When you have such answerability do you think it is reasonable to request that you should do something about yourself, within you, to reach the highest level of insights? Do you know how?

I wonder how many of you can go through ONE day, 24 hours, without having ONE single moment of irritation, sadness, frustration, anger or agitation? I know that few people can say “yes, I can do that”.

So, if you are going to be in charge of thousand minds, don’t you need to manage your own first? Can you control your own mind? Do you know in detail how it works? Can people provoke you to lose your balance?

I see so many business leaders who know everything about how a computer works but have no idea how they work themselves, yet a human being is a lot more advanced machine. If you don’t change your attitude, your ability to develop your business will be minimal.

If you master your body, approx. 15% of your future is in your hands.
If you master your mind, approx. 50% of your future is in your hands.
If you master your life energies, 100% of past, present and future is in your hands.

I will leave it to you to look after your body in terms of food, exercise, health and other aspects. If you don’t know how to master your body, you have a bit to go ­- but nothing is impossible. Life energies? You need to walk before you can run, more on that later.

My focus for this writing is your mind. I want you to be in charge of your mind. I want you to control your thoughts. I want you to rule your emotions. You being the best leader ever, is my reward.

Before going into the mind, I want to say that people rarely have a business problem, they have a life problem reflected in their business. What does this mean? Bluntly: Fix yourself and the rest will follow.

In this series of articles you will learn how to master your mind. We will take it from the beginning.

1) You begin to change your reality the day you stop reacting to it. When you stop jumping and react to every beep you hear, you are on your way to creating a new life. I want you to observe your own actions and see how often you react. Was it necessary? What did it give you? See if you can instigate any action from within, without listening to the buzz from the outside.

2) No matter how badly you want something (or somebody) or how hard you work, it will not happen. You will always remain where you are unless you change your thinking.

3) It is not circumstances, people or situations that keep you stuck. There is only one thing – your thoughts.

Analyse these three statements until next time you’re on your way. Bon Voyage!

Nelly Shein
Business Journalist & International Mind Power leader & Counsellor

I’m a Swedish-Australian Business Journalist having worked for magazines, daily papers, radio and television.

I have also written 23 books mainly about SMEs within all areas such as taxes, superannuation, start-ups, female entrepreneurs and succession planning.

I have also been the CEO of the oldest and most reputable Publishing House in Scandinavia with almost 200 people employed including all freelancers.

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