Mind Power For Businesses – Part 2

Mind Power for Businesses

Why aren’t you the best business leader you can be?

Mind Power For Businesses

What qualities does a genuine leader have? What sets him apart from the rest? If you ask me, I say that a genuine leader can see things that the rest can’t. Mostly he is working on his skills, knowledge and experience rather than striving to be a leader. Leadership therefor happens as a consequence and not as a desire. There are many ways to get to the top. Even a bullshit-artist can get there, but he will not be staying.

The whole world is screaming for great leaders. We have a leadership vacuum. Many are called, but few are chosen. Why do we only have one Bill Gates, one Oprah Winfrey and one Jack Ma? Why don’t we have hundred thousand of each? I tell you why.

Business leaders are having an albatross around their neck. (In Australia we would say a pelican.) No matter where we go in the world, businesses are governed by short term profit and personal hunger for success. There is nothing wrong with profit. We just need to widen the meaning, businesses are not only to be measured by its quarterly result. We need a new metric that is scalable and replicable.

What happens to a leader who has to stand up every quarter and defend his result for that short period? He becomes fearful. He prefers short term solutions to long term. He becomes afraid to take action. There is no coincidence that the three leaders above, don’t really need to think like that. They can follow their own lead. They have had the end goal in front of their eyes the whole time and not a quarter. Do you know that it takes 10 years from a seedling to a fruit from the Paw Paw tree? If a gardener would have the same perspective, we would only eat grapes.

If you are unsuccessful in business you are suffering, but when you are successful in business and still suffering, that is a tragedy. Because it takes a huge effort to be successful. And we should send the signal to the younger generation that it is fantastic to succeed in business.

70% of our activities today are around businesses, but it doesn’t include 70% of the population. It needs to include more people. Today we are separating business and life, we even call it work-life-balance. No job is so stressful that we need to separate it from life. It’s because we can’t control our mind and emotions within, that we perceive work to be stressful. Again, learn how to control your “within” and you can easily work long hours.

So how can you be the best business leader?

*We can’t help if we can’t do what we don’t know, but if we don’t do what we can do – that is cowardice.
*Everything in the universe is governed by laws. I mean, the sound and light are travelling at the same speed whether it is Monday morning or Christmas Eve. The earth is revolving around the sun, even if we don’t see it. Wouldn’t then be logical if the same thing applies to human beings? There are rules that surround us. We know about the one for speed cameras. But the others? I tell you something, “Thoughts are real forces”. What you think about, you will become.
* Your mind is like a garden, which can be cultivated or neglected. If you want to have long lasting business success you need to cultivate it, meaning weed it, fertilize it, water it and the rest. When you have a negative thought, you need to cut it immediately and replace it with a good one. Keep on doing that for the next 90 days and you will never have a negative thought again.

Gunilla Shein
Business Journalist & International Mind Power leader & Counsellor

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