Mastermindset Sunday Supplement

Mastermindset Sunday Supplement

MasterMindSet Sunday Supplement is a weekly round up of interesting articles to help set you up for the week ahead.

You are a valued member of our community, and we want to give you the opportunity to stay up-to-date with what’s going on. 

Mastermindset Sunday Supplement

Here is something that might be of interest: We’ve launched MasterMindSet (more news on this next week). You can sign up as a guest contributor or podcast guest!

Our four other podcast shows are re-launching soon too!

We will be covering in detail: branding, podcasting, business, technology, confidence hacking and imposter syndrome.

Here are some interesting interviews and articles:

Ultimate Guide To Goal Setting To Ensure 100 % Success  (This week’s Podcast). If you are looking to level up your goal setting ability you might want to check out our free resources here

Newly updated Overcoming Impostor Syndrome at Work To Support A Winning Culture Blog (Influential Visions Podcast)

Breaking Through Life’s Challenges to Navigate your Career Path with Award-Winning Journalist, Broadcaster and Academic Marverine Cole 

(Positive Personal Power Podcast)

Also included is our first guest blog from Business/Technology Expert Nicolas Babin 
Digital Transformation Change Your Mindset

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