Mastermindset Issue 46

Mastermindset Issue 46

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Navigating the Waters – The iFlip pitch with Stephanie Mckinney and Randy Tate

USA Global TV – Authentic Achievements with Dr Jacalyn Kerbeck – HOW WE SEE OURSELVES VERSUS HOW OTHERS SEE U

Authentic Achievements with Special Guest Joe Templin

The Future of Cybersecurity Jobs: Disruption or Evolution? Top Experts Share Career Tips

“Today’s Accomplishments Were Yesterday’s Impossibilities.”

Robert H. Schuller

Navigating the Waters – The iFlip pitch with Stephanie Mckinney and Randy Tate

Hi, I’m Stephanie Mckinney, Host of Navigating the Waters and CEO and Founder of River VC. In this episode, we meet another entrepreneur and learn about their journey so far.

I am looking forward to chatting again with today’s guest Randy Tate CEO and Co-Founder of iFlip. Randy spent his earlier years as a successful collegiate athlete and then self-made entrepreneur. He grew an athletic apparel company to over $5M+ in revenue, then sold it to a publicly traded sporting conglomerate, Sports Chalet. For the last 10+ years he has trained thousands of employees and business owners on how to market effectively, grow sales and build sustainable growth in their companies.

His passion for technology led him to one of the fastest growing software companies called Infusionsoft, which peaked with over 150,000 software users. As the VP of Business Training for customers, he developed and oversaw the expansion of the Elite Business Education curriculum program. Since then he has led as the co-founder and CEO of iFlip, SAAS Financial Technology Company.

His passion is to empower all individuals to grow their wealth for the future through the use of AI investing technology. In today’s show he shares with the iFlip pitch deck

USA Global TV – Authentic Achievements with Dr Jacalyn Kerbeck – HOW WE SEE OURSELVES VERSUS HOW OTHERS SEE U


Authentic Achievements with Special Guest Joe Templin

From Bestselling author, currently writing the forthcoming book Authentic Achievements – The 7 Secrets to Building Brave Belief, Unstoppable Sales, and Turning Your Leaders Into Talent Magnets for Guaranteed Sustainable Growth, this show shares advice, stories and inspiration to help you achieve exponential growth personally and for your business featuring interviews with industry leaders.  

In this episode, I am delighted to be joined by Joe Templin has led an eclectic life. As one of six kids (the only normal one, he insists) growing up in a small town and spending time on the family farm, Joe’s parents (John and Barb) instilled a love of learning, the outdoors, and a healthy disrespect for authority while still simultaneously embracing traditional values of hard work and “love thy neighbour but mind your own dang business.”

This is Joe’s foundation. He was severely asthmatic but through his work ethic and love of challenge has become a martial artist and ultradistance runner. He had a speech impediment but has built a career around communicating. This habit of overcoming limitations is a theme in his life and his writings.

Joe has three hooligans (Danny, Liam, and Colin) and is a very proud member of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, having served multiple times as President of his local Foundation and Chapter Advisor. He has also served on the local, State, and National levels for NAIFA, is a Cubmaster (worst one ever if you ask his boys), and is involved with his local Autism Society. Serving others is important to Joe, because of how his parents raised him.

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The Future of Cybersecurity Jobs: Disruption or Evolution? 

The future of work is changing. Are you prepared? 

In this video, we explore the future of jobs in cybersecurity and what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve. With cybercrime on the rise, demand for qualified professionals in this field will only grow. So if you’re looking for a cutting-edge and in-demand career, cybersecurity may be just what you’re looking for!

In this interview, we are joined by ethical hacker Prathik Thamalla, and we are also joined by two industry veterans Alan Greig and David Clarke. The inspiration for this series came from Prathik who is planning on moving back to the UK for work.

Engaged by law enforcement, private sector, and the high profile to advise on technical security and risk. Alan is currently on secondment to the UK National Cyber Crime CRC programme to assist in the creation and launch of the Police led Cyber Resilience Centres and the development of a National Student Development programme.

Alan has enjoyed a technical security career spanning twenty-five years, initially working on the UK’s CNI for MOD, MOJ & Security Service with 15 years as an online investigator working with various agencies in profiling and managing online threats in the protection of High Profile principles.

David Clarke is the Founder of GDPR Technology Forum with over 21000 members and an internationally known GDPR and Security advisor.

In the past, David held multiple security management positions such as Global Head of Security Service Delivery and Chief of Staff, Global Head of Product Enablement and Head of Security Infrastructure for Global FTSE 100 companies.

Development and implementation of risk and compliance services GDPR/ISO27001 and SOC2.

• Co Author of The only Accredited online Data Breach Course

• Who’s Who in Cybersecurity? 2022

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