Mastering Mindsets: Health, Mindset And Exercise Interview: Change Your Life

Mastering mindsets is what good coaches help to do.

Mastering Mindsets: Health, Productivity and Exercise are ALL key elements to lead a happier life. In this post we share some insights into how building up slowly is absolutely crucial to being successful in changing habits and leading an even more happy, productive and fulfilling lifestyle.

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We’re always talking about the importance of health but sometimes it can be hard for us all – no matter what your age or background! Do you feel like your good habits have taken a backseat? Are you wondering where exactly do I start with my workouts when there are so many options out there that seem equally appealing (and confusing)? This 9 minute video will help guide on the right path towards success as well as offer great tips on getting started.

Mastering mindsets is not something that you can just set and forget, you need to work on your mindset day in and day out. The good news is that there are loads of informational resources on this subject these days. Especially if you know where to look!

I think it does play an extremely important part because our thoughts are what drive us forward or keep on hold. It really depends on if your heart is into wanting to make changes in your life as Tyler mentioned before, but at the end of the day, somebody has to have faith first for anything else to happen. So there needs to be a change from within in order for anything external — whether it be exercise or diet —to take place and work out properly.

Being kind to yourself and building up slowly is key to success here!

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Mastering mindsets slowly to avoid injury is absolutely key, if you start any workout, diet or even a new job or task and overdo it in day one you will be fit for no-one in the coming days or perhaps even weeks, so please take your time to build up slowly!

As we discussed in the video, there are some key things to remember when it comes to health. You want to build up slowly and be mindful of your body. There is no point in pushing yourself too hard because you might end up with an injury that will keep you from doing what you love for a long time! That’s not worth it! As I said building up slowly is key to avoiding injury.

Building Up Slowly When Mastering Mindsets Is Everything!
We also discussed mindset and how important it can be. I talked about mindset in the video but wanted to mention it here as well.

You need a good attitude if you want your life to improve! And that’s something we all have control over so there are no excuses! Exercise, nutrition, sleep … whatever you put into your body makes a difference. A bit like a car with bad fuel…or with high-grade rocket fuel…

The video above is a reminder that our habits are what actually make us who we are. If you want to change, it’s all in your head and there’s no better time than now! Try some of these tips – they may be just the thing you need to get back on track with life-changing habits like exercise or eating healthier. The best way is always starting small so give yourself room for success by building up slowly over time. You can also find more helpful insights from Kim-adele on her website and YouTube channels. You can also delve even deeper in this subject here on My Blog.Li

Listen to James Owen Roberts discuss sport with us here:

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