Mastering Imposter Syndrome – Networking, Being Authentic & Vulnerable

This is the first episode in the series: Mastering Imposter Syndrome: interviewing senior leaders in the technology industry, overcoming their inner imposter.

Seasoned business leader and CEO Kim-Adele discussed with Nat Schooler the “mastering imposter syndrome” series, they explain a little bit about what they have learned so far and then they interview Ms. Jayne Archbold CEO.

These are some of the things discussed: 

Finding Voice.
Understanding the technical landscape and all kinds of other situations.

Ms Jayne Archbold CEO – A seasoned executive with a record of driving product innovation, operational transformation, integration of acquisitions and delivering business growth. 

Currently CEO & Managing Partner of Iptor, a global ERP provider with HQ in Sweden.  

Formerly with Sage for 18 years, latest position CEO Europe Mid Market.  
Now Jayne is a non-executive director and investor in Notify Technologies & Saberr, both are UK startups.

Jayne is passionate about people and making a difference. From Newcastle originally and like many other people right now she is in Lockdown. She is a stepmother to 4 grown-up sons and has two dogs.

Challenges overcome, being in her late 20s, at Sage. 
Headhunted by them, it was a local job and she had an intimidating boss. 
Didn’t like the way her boss wanted her to be a certain type of person.
Wasn’t happy and wasn’t making a big difference and realising her potential.
Wasn’t happy as wasn’t being herself. Not being able to be authentic was a big turning point for Jayne.

Not fitting in was very difficult and the networking events have been the most challenging thing for Jayne. 

Used to cope by thinking of three interesting things to talk about. 
Like many others, Jayne still feels uncomfortable at these events. 

She flipped her intent on its head and decided to make it more about them and not her. She was originally terrified people would judge her. She found it needed to be fixed by working with a coach.

They also discussed: 
When do you feel most vulnerable?
When walking into a meeting with highly intelligent people and highly technical people.
Intellectual technology conversations also being a struggle.
They agreed that acronyms were ridiculous.
Being not afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand is key.

Jayne explained that the ERP solutions they offer make a real difference for businesses and she explained this simply. Which is what Jayne is great at!
Explaining this in a simple way makes things a lot easier.

How do you manage your imposter syndrome?
“Mindful firstly when and where this is going to happen, so preparation is crucial.
Thinking about what is the worst thing that can happen and continuing to be yourself is key.”
Asking people questions is really useful in these situations for Jayne.
“Being honest if you don’t know the answers to any questions is key. 
Tell the truth, be open and give as much as you can to the best of your ability.
Coming back with the answer at a later stage is a good strategy if you don’t know it there and then.”

Jayne’s major tip is being authentic.