Mastering Imposter Syndrome – Presentations, Problems & Decision Making

Mastering imposter syndrome when we start doing something new in our careers is tough, in this, no holds barred episode Scott Francis shares so much valuable information Kim Adele and Nat Schooler thoroughly enjoyed it.

Scott is the CEO and co-founder of BP3. “Where our mission is to help our clients find a faster way – to their business outcomes.
Scott is also president of the board of Magellan International School and on the board of the Austin Technology Council.
Previously Scott worked at Lombardi Software. Scott graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science, and came down to Austin in ‘94 to work for Trilogy Software.”

Topics discussed were:

Despite being a developer and an introvert and a computer scientist Scott has and does overcome imposter syndrome.
Consulting despite being a Newby.
Overcoming nerves with little experience can be tough at the beginning of careers.
On-site with clients.
Enjoying problem-solving.
Client demoing software.
Having a uniform and a ritual, putting on a jacket and tie.
Good coffee, get amped up by taking a walk.
Amy Cuddy talks about raising Testosterone, dropping Cortisol.

Career turning points.
Building a consulting career in the technology industry.
Mentoring and supporting other people to move beyond imposter syndrome.
Prepping teams that they will have feelings of imposter syndrome.
Presenting confidence despite feeling like an imposter.
Investing time in friendships outside of work so that you have a support system.
Being on the Board of Trustees of a School is really useful and has helped Scott up to his business skills and his confidence especially since he became the chair.
Stepping out of his comfort zone.

Here as a parent has been a challenge emotionally and as hard as it was to do it has been really useful and he’s adapted and learned more about coaching and now at BP3 it has made him a better leader and he has found it really tough to not share his opinion and ask questions instead.
To just show the teachers that he had their backs. Now if there is anything that is a difficult challenge at BP3 he empowers the team to make their own decisions.
Pursuing the best answer to problems definitely comes from the people who are on the ground usually
There is nothing to lose and we all go through the feeling of not having our head in the right place
Finding a good book to read really helps the night before any important meetings.

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