Managing One’s State of Mind Despite Huge Change and Uncertainty: Dr Danielle Einstein

Co-Hosted by – Nadya Rousseau – Founder Of Alter New Media
With Dr. Danielle Einstein Clinical Psychologist, Author and Researcher.
Is nationally respected in Australia for her work in the psychology field
and she is currently focusing on bringing awareness to her program COVID-19: Chilled and Considerate.

Nat Schooler, Nadya Rousseau and Dr. Danielle Einstein discussed: –
1) How can we be more resilient in life?
2) Are there any techniques you recommend to balance your state of mind?
3) Being up and down is part of being human right?
LinkedIn Poll We all worry about the future at times during our lives and of course now probably more than ever.
So I put my first #LinkedInPoll together to gain insight into the content I am creating for my community and I wondered if you could tell me about your current mood so I can do better.
Question is: –
“How are you feeling?”
Marina said “I feel any one of those depending on the day and time. 🤷🏻‍♀‍Right now I feel a mix of all four!”
4)How does a global crisis like COVID-19 create individual and collective uncertainty?
5) Do you believe individuals’ uncertainty contributes to collective uncertainty or the other way around?
6) How is your work addressing these current issues?

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