Making Conversations Count Podcast With The Epic Wendy Harris

Making conversations count with Wendy Harris, both Kim-Adele and I were guests on the podcast “Making conversations count” where Wendy Harris speaks with business leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss how to make conversations count.

“Making Conversations Count” is a podcast show with a difference, featuring fascinating people from the world of business who reflect on career-defining conversations.

On the show, business leaders share one of their own conversations that became the turning point in their career, and ultimately their business.

Some would call it their ‘pivotal moment’.

Wendy Harris and the team call those conversations that ‘count’.

It can be invaluable for an aspiring entrepreneur or business person to hear the journey of industry professionals and can help shape their own path to success.

When we realise the challenges we face are all similar, we can learn from these stories.

Host Wendy Harris loves conversations, so she’s incredibly excited to see where each episode takes us!

Episode 2 – Nathaniel Schooler
Can one conversation really influence where you are driven? Making Conversations about Influence Count with Wendy.

I joined Wendy to chat about how important it is to produce strategic content online. I spend my time podcasting, writing, and driving across foreign continents for fun. However, our conversation quickly turns to the importance of building relationships with the people you want to work with.

I place trust as the highest asset everyone should nurture.

You can connect with Me on LinkedIn.

I explain my pivotal moment with such clarity you can smell the soap and understand quickly why I was influenced to be driven on by it…

Here is the interview with Kim-Adele Platts and Wendy Harris.

If you don’t believe in yourself how do you expect others to?

This was a question and topic that surfaced during this powerful and insightful conversation with Kim-Adele Platts.

Kim-Adele is my business partner at MasterMindSet and the Elite Coaches Club is one of our offerings. 

Among her many interesting takes, she suggests that being a leader does not come from having a degree.

True leadership comes with aligning your beliefs with the people around you.

It creates a culture of communication and confidence.

Getting the best from your team is not about your customers being sold to; rather encouraging their need to buy from you from having invested in you and the long term value they will acquire as a result.

Making conversations count with Wendy Harris

During this conversation, Kim-adele talks about how we can sometimes ‘Primark’ compliments.

She also mentions the importance of viewing everything from a different viewpoint and gives a great analogy to demonstrate that.

She also offers a surprising and interesting fact regarding how quickly people make decisions.

We think you’ll agree, in this episode, Wendy Harris our “Conversations Queen” lived up to her nickname once again, with one of the most incredible conversations that count, yet!

At the end of the episode, the mention is made of a free downloadable book.

You can claim yours here.

Here is a link to Wendy’s website

I love Wendy’s interviewing skills and her listening abilities are second to none. She has such a positive outlook on life and has always had time to speak. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Wendy and appearing on her podcast Making Conversations Count!

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