LinkedIn Branding Tips For Career Success

Updated 01/08/21

Here are my top tips for LinkedIn branding

I speak to so many people about their careers and businesses and why they should take LinkedIn seriously. Most people know the value of it; but some are still under the illusion that copying someone else’s wording, using a selfie or a badly taken photo is LinkedIn Branding!

We invest tens of thousands of pounds during our lives building the skills we need and then in many cases become static, expecting life to just give us success. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned business person or want to become an entrepreneur taking the time to improve your profile can really move the dial.

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to continue to hone your skills and to learn how to explain what you do in words that project who you are without coming across as arrogant or egotistical; not an easy task if you are from the UK or Canada, the people tend to be a lot more reserved as opposed to their counterparts in the States…

LinkedIn branding is much more than just a photo and it goes deeper than ‘borrowing’ a few words that someone else in your industry is using and making them work for your profile. If you take the time to copy someone else’s wording, how will you behave in an interview when you realise that you are not them?

LinkedIn Branding Tips For Career Success
LinkedIn Branding

LinkedIn branding is essential for obtaining a job interview, it is essential for landing the job of your dreams, becoming an entrepreneur and it is also essential in supporting your personal branding efforts in most cases.

Personal branding supports your LinkedIn Branding efforts and I write extensively about this as you will see if you check out this link: How To Define Your Personal Brand For Success or you can always take a look at The Ultimate Guide To Personal Branding To Win.

Over 75% of HR departments are required to research candidates prior to interviewing them.

My top 5 tips for LinkedIn Branding :

  • Create a brand blueprint document you can use for ALL your communications
  • Brief a photographer on what sort of look you want
  • Add some sort of visual content to show off your expertise
  • Brief a designer to create a background image or create your own
  • Ask your colleagues or clients of recommendations

To create an effective brand on LinkedIn your wording must be in tip-top shape and to build credibility and authority having a great profile shot is also very important.

Checkout: How To Define Your Personal Brand For Success

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