Lessons in internet security and working with tech

No-one is safe on the internet it can be a playground for the tech elite, don’t get me wrong most experienced programmers are good ethical honest people and will help you with whatever problem you have as long as you ask nicely…

This post is to remind us that we should never rely on Technology alone without keeping up with security best practices, like changing passwords regularly, seriously, how lax have we got.

We should never deploy technology without monitoring it and responding in a timely manner to responses, never forget people buy people and if you are honest and open and friendly people are generally there to help you, just ask.

Be humble and hold your hands up in the air when you make a mistake, you are only human! If you need assistance then ask…just like the 12-year-old Steve Jobs did when he asked Bill Hewlett for some parts, he then gave him a summer job.

Learning can be gruelling, sometimes testing technologies can be painful, sometimes using the wrong solutions can be painful…sometimes trolls can be annoying, telling you that you are wrong, well they could be right or wrong it doesn’t matter, they sometimes are Adrenalin junkies wanting to create more so will argue just out of their addiction. The best button is BLOCK!

When experienced programmers actually want to hack you they can and they can inconvenience you when they choose, but they can never ever kill the human spirit!

iPhone and Android phones can also be hacked read the comments under their blog…

These people who abuse the internet may not get caught now, it is only a matter of time, their behaviour is unacceptable and an abuse of their power so eventually they will get caught.

Technology is not a playground for cyberbullies and internet trolls it is there to make our lives better, easier and less stressful!

Fortunately, the good news is that anyone who is hacking can be watched and subsequently traced to ensure they don’t continue on their journey of hurting other people’s lives. Thankfully a Proxy Server does not keep them anonymous on the Internet! If there is one lesson to take home as an average Internet user, it is that nobody is anonymous on the Internet, regardless of what anyone tells you. “ Quote Brian Getting.

So peace to all who have taken the time to enter my world and if you want to understand or learn any more about me then just ask and remember sometimes learning only exists from doing! 🙂

Thanks for the image https://www.flickr.com/photos/lesliepear/

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