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  • How Advances in AI are Redefining Education: The Future of Learning
  • Is Artificial Intelligence Going To Take Over Your Job? But I’m In Tech…
  • Stable Diffusion XL image generator is on beta

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How Advances in AI are Redefining Education: The Future of Learning

In this interview, Nathaniel Schooler interviews Dr Melissa Sassi – CEO and Co-Founder Of Skills Hustle to discuss these crucial topics.

They discuss these three topics:

  • The Future of equitable learning
  • The Future of online learning.
  • Overview: how technology is shaping the future of education

AI and the Future of Education: A Podcast Recap

In this podcast episode, Dr. Melissa Sassi, an expert in technology and education, discusses the transformative impact of AI on the education industry. The conversation covers the history of technology in education, the potential of AI to revolutionize teaching methods, and the importance of data privacy in an AI-driven education system.

The Growing Ed Tech Market and AI Adoption

With a market cap of around 230 billion dollars, the ed tech market is expected to reach over 400 billion dollars in the next few years. AI in education, currently in its early stages, is anticipated to be worth 20 billion dollars by 2027. It is projected that almost half of all learning management systems will incorporate AI solutions. AI can reduce the workload of educators by 20% to 40%, augmenting their work rather than replacing it. Despite 86% of educators believing that AI is a vital part of education, 39% have not yet implemented it, indicating a need for further adoption and skill development.

Equitable Learning and Personalized Journeys

Dr. Sassi discusses the future of equitable learning, emphasizing the potential of AI and machine learning to analyse learning styles based on outcomes, identify learning patterns and preferences, and create personalized learning journeys. This approach can lead to more equitable learning experiences by enabling individuals to access their preferred way of learning.

Data-Driven Education and Information Literacy

Technology is shaping the future of education through data-driven, predictive modelling and personalization. However, there are risks and challenges associated with technology in education, particularly regarding values, ethics, and privacy. Dr. Sassi stresses the importance of information literacy to decipher trustworthy information and the need to balance the benefits of technology with concerns around privacy, security, and safety.

Online Learning: Opportunities and Challenges

Online learning, with the help of AI, offers numerous benefits, including faster learning, focusing on relevant skills, and improved education outcomes. However, it is essential to ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability by maintaining unbiased algorithms and outputs. Online learning also presents opportunities for teachers to save time and for learners to make money and start businesses. Despite a transitional period, online learning opens up significant potential for anyone who wants to learn in an optimal way for their brain.

Empowering Diversity in Tech Through Personalized Learning

Dr. Sassi shares her personal story of overcoming roadblocks to success in the tech industry due to her neurodiversity. She highlights the power of personalized learning in bringing more women, girls, and ethnic diversity into tech. She is excited about outcome-based learning and the future of online learning platforms like Skills Hustle.

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Is Artificial Intelligence Going To Take Over Your Job? But I’m In Tech…

We are all worried about AI taking our jobs, let’s be honest! In this 15 minute video we discussed the best ways to future proof your career in the age of AI.

Tech entrepreneur Tobias Hooton shares his perspective on this important topic.

Media Not Displaying get it here: https://youtu.be/_M5kMkWCvHE

Stable Diffusion AI image generator is on Beta

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Influential Visions Podcast Technology Focused YouTube Channel Is Full Steam Ahead

To support Influential Visions Podcast and our community our Technology Focused YouTube Channel Is Full Steam Ahead, considering all the latest developments and disruptive technologies such as Chat GPT and other disruptions we thought that relaunching this channel was extremely important. And in the coming weeks we will be interviewing many more experts to discuss the current technology disruptions; what is coming next and how to stay one step ahead in their businesses and careers.

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