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  • The Importance of Cybersecurity in AI, ML, and Chat GPT
  • Digital Inclusions And Digital Empowerment: Meaningful Access (Premier today)
  • AI Act: a step closer to the first rules on Artificial Intelligence 

The Importance of Cybersecurity in AI, ML, and Chat GPT

David Clarke is the Founder of the GDPR Technology Forum with over 21000 members and an internationally known GDPR and Security advisor. He handles the development and implementation of risk and compliance services GDPR/ISO27001 and SOC2.

In the past, David held multiple security management positions such as Global Head of Security Service Delivery and Chief of Staff, Global Head of Product Enablement and Head of Security Infrastructure for Global FTSE 100 companies.

In this 15-minute interview and short blog below, we discuss the significance of cybersecurity in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), as well as the use of chat GPT and infosec. We also cover the need for data privacy, intellectual property protection, and the top ways to achieve cybersecurity goals. The benefits of implementing these technologies in businesses are also explored, along with the challenges that come with rapid development and the need for proper regulations and protections. (The European Parliament just announced.)

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AI and ML in Log File Analysis

Machine learning is becoming an integral part of various applications, including log file analysis. Logs are records of transactions, such as virus check anomalies or unusual occurrences, that are stored in a large file. AI can analyse these logs to spot patterns and anomalies, which can be used for cyberattack prevention and forensic analysis. The use of AI in log file analysis greatly enhances its efficiency, as AI can quickly identify trends and patterns that would take humans much longer to discern. This ability to rapidly analyse log files and detect important logs among the noise makes AI a valuable tool for bolstering cybersecurity.

Chat GPT, Infosec, and Data Privacy Concerns

Chat GPT and infosec tools have been transformative for businesses, but they are not without their challenges. Data privacy is a major concern, as evidenced by Italy’s ban on chat GPT over worries about child data collection and age verification. To safely implement chat GPT and other AI technologies, businesses must prioritize GDPR and Infosec compliance. Intellectual property and copyright concerns also need to be addressed. Furthermore, AI models can be susceptible to biases and may learn the wrong information when fed incorrect data. Companies must take responsibility for managing these risks and maintaining a level of control to avoid falling behind competitors.

Regulation and Protection in the Face of Rapid Development

As language models such as chat GPT are rapidly implemented in businesses, governments are struggling to keep up with necessary regulations, although the EU has made steps forward this week in that regard.

AI Act: a step closer to the first rules on Artificial Intelligence  (Eu Law…)

  • Once approved, they will be the world’s first rules on Artificial Intelligence
  • MEPs include bans on biometric surveillance, emotion recognition, and predictive policing AI systems.
  • Tailor-made regimes for general-purpose AI and foundation models like GPT
  • The right to make complaints about AI systems.

David and Nathaniel spoke about:

Guardrail software, which provides transparency, fairness, privacy, security, and accountability, can help manage these AI models. The use of such technology can lead to significant productivity increases, but disinformation and modified information remain challenges. Ensuring data protection and providing proper training and guidance on using AI technologies are crucial. Open-source software solutions and localized language models may also offer alternatives to popular AI tools. Ultimately, the implementation of AI and ML in businesses offers vast benefits, but proper regulations and protections are necessary to prevent potential harm.

Digital Inclusions And Digital Empowerment: Meaningful Access (Premier today)

In this video, we’re going to explore the concept of “Digital Inclusion” and “Digital Empowerment” and discuss what it means for people living in the “digital divide”.

In this video, Nathaniel Schooler and Dr Melissa Sassi talk about digital inclusion and digital empowerment. What does this term mean, and what are the consequences of not including everyone in the digital world? As we become more and more digital, it’s important that everyone has access to the same opportunities and benefits. This video will explore the concept of digital inclusion and digital empowerment and discuss the consequences of not including everyone in the digital world.

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5 ways to Increase “Meaningful” Access to the Internet.

We also discuss:

How to Make sure everyone has access to the Internet: steps to digital inclusion

The Digital Divide: What You Need to Know

How artificial intelligence is changing the digital divide.

Influential Visions Podcast Technology Focused YouTube Channel Is Full Steam Ahead

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