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  • The Energy Crisis: Disrupting the Big Grid with Solar and Batteries live now
  • Smart Cities Exposed: Reality VS Hype (live next Tuesday)
  • How To Master Confidence and Success? Banish Imposter Syndrome for Good
  • The Mind-blowing Items Due to Kennedy’s HUGE Investment in The Space Race

The Energy Crisis: Disrupting the Big Grid with Solar and Batteries

The transition to clean energy is hindered by outdated infrastructure and political obstacles. Bill Nussey proposes a faster path to a sustainable future through “local energy” systems like solar rooftops and small battery systems. These disruptive, technology-driven solutions offer improved reliability, equity, and affordability while creating more jobs compared to large-scale projects.

In This Conversation Bill Nussey and Nathaniel Schooler Discuss:

The Current Energy Crisis And How The Largest Industry In The World Is Not Embracing The Green Agenda Fast Enough

How Can You Save Money And Improve Reliability?

Why Not Generate Your Own Electricity?

Solar And Wind Power Costs Are Dropping And Why They Are Not Being Embraced Fast Enough.

Bill is a partner at the venture firms Engage and Tech Square Ventures.

He spent most of his career as a tech CEO, but also spent several years with another venture firm, Greylock, and later, as an executive at IBM, helping run the company’s strategy.

You can get this interview here:

Bill’s first company, which he co-founded in high school, provided graphics software for early, text-based personal computers. His second company, Da Vinci Systems, was started out of his college dorm room and grew to serve millions of users across 45 countries. Later, he spent several years as a venture capitalist with Greylock. In 1998, he left the firm to become CEO of a portfolio company, iXL, which went public and grew to $500 million in revenue. After iXL, he joined cloud marketing startup Silverpop as CEO. The company grew to nearly $100 million in recurring revenue and became a global leader in cloud-based marketing. In 2014, IBM acquired the company and made it the foundation of the IBM Marketing Cloud. Shortly after the acquisition, Bill was promoted to IBM’s VP Corporate Strategy, helping the CEO and SVPs set IBM’s strategic roadmap. Bill’s companies have created thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in value.

Bill left IBM to pursue his passion for renewable energy and other climate technologies. His journey began with a TED Talk, which grew into the #1 ranked renewable energy podcast called The Freeing Energy Podcast.  All of this supported and ultimately led to a book he published at the end of 2021, called Freeing Energy: How Innovators Are Using Local-scale Solar and Batteries to Disrupt the Global Energy Industry from the Outside.

Smart Cities Exposed: Reality VS Hype (Live 2nd May 1.15 UK Time).

You can get this interview on YouTube or Here on LinkedIn live via my personal profile below:


In this video, Smart City Expert Richard Godfrey will explain the current reality with Smart Cities.

In this interview, we will discuss.

Is “Smart City” just a Marketing Term or is it Real?

What Should The Focus Be On?

Why Do Smart City Projects Die So Early?

Can Smart Cities Achieve Utopia?

How To Master Confidence and Success? Banish Imposter Syndrome for Good

Join us as we dive deep into the world of confidence, ability, and success, with Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and thought leader Schooler, and Manning — an internationally known business leader, author, public speaker, advisor and marketer of over $47 Billion in commerce  —  share their lessons, tools and the path and motivation to succeed that are indispensable to all who desire to be!! Let’s embark on this life-changing journey and conquer Imposter Syndrome once and for all!

The Space Race innovations that blew my mind.

In fact, the creation of NASA in 1958 can be traced to the recommendation of former MIT President James R. Killian Jr., who served as President Eisenhower’s special assistant for science and technology. Dr. Killian recommended that the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) be transformed into the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He also chaired a committee that recommended how missions and facilities should be allocated between the US military and civilian space programs.”

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