Legacy Media Hub Issue 80

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馃専 In this issue, we’re exploring:

  • Influential Visions Podcast Series 6 planning is well underway
  • 5 Universal Leadership Lessons To Achieve Success
  • The Future Of Work: Job Disruption in Sales and Marketing
  • The Power and Pitfalls of Content Marketing: Building Relationships and Boosting Sales

Influential Visions Podcast Series 6 planning is well underway:

We are covering the major technology developments that we see changing the world and discussing those, the possibilities and of course the ethics behind them.

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5 Universal Leadership Lessons To Achieve Success

In this short blog, we will share with you 5 universal leadership lessons to set you on the path to rapid success. What we will not do is sugar-coat these. We will not pump you up like a football with a hole in it so you fall flat on your face after a few hours or days, sometimes we fail, but we get up and move forward.

Legacy Media Hub Issue 80

This week we were inspired by Huda Kattan when thinking about these leadership lessons.

But who is she?

Huda Kattan, Iraqi-American makeup artist, beauty blogger, CEO, and founder of the billion-dollar cosmetics line Huda Beauty, shares five universal leadership lessons that can benefit both men and women:

  1. Success comes from within

Kattan鈥檚 journey taught her the importance of valuing her own success internally, rather than seeking external validation. Being driven by passion and purpose is essential to becoming a fulfilled and effective leader.

Along the way, we can often look for validation from external sources and this is certainly connected with our internal self-talk.

Sometimes it just takes us to get a good kick in the teeth before we put the effort in to make things work. At the time we may fail massively but we must remember that these failures often lead us to great things. Often they build determination and humbleness and of course resilience is a big part of success.

2. Support and uplift others

Regardless of gender, supporting and celebrating the successes of others is crucial. Embrace honest conversations about insecurities and strive to create an environment where everyone can feel confident and supported.

3. Accept compliments graciously

Both women and men can struggle with self-doubt and negative self-talk. As a leader, it is essential to recognize your own value and learn to accept compliments. This will help you become a more confident leader and inspire others to see the greatness in themselves.

4. Practice self-reflection and active listening

Being a great leader involves sharing a vision and giving direction, but it also requires understanding your team鈥檚 needs. To do this, practice active listening by seeking the deeper meaning behind what others are saying and being fully present during conversations. Pair this with self-reflection to better understand your own motivations and actions.

5. Embrace diverse leadership styles

The traditional image of a leader is evolving, and it鈥檚 essential to recognize that effective leadership is not about other people, it is about us and what is within and not putting anyone in a box by stereotyping them.

It is extremely important to not feel demotivated or lose our confidence because we are different but to embrace the leader within.

We each have our own style as a person and as long as we do the right thing and are trusted our style is not as important as our integrity.

Do the right thing no matter what!

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The Future Of Work: Job Disruption in Sales and Marketing

The Future of Work is changing. Disruption is coming to the sales and marketing professions. Are you ready?

In this video, we explore the future of work in sales and marketing and how to prepare for the coming changes. We discuss the impact of technology on jobs, new ways of working, and how to stay ahead of the curve in your career.

I (Nathaniel Schooler) was joined by special guests Mark S A Smith and Tom Leonard.

Mark S A Smith

After a successful career in helping bring billions of dollars of disruptive technology to the market, Mark S A Smith now works with Visionmakers to turn market challengers into market leaders. He works with C-Suite leaders determined to transform their business from a market challenger to a market leader in 3 years or less.

Tom Leonard

Creator and Host of the Gamers Change Lives Podcast, a show highlighting how esports entrepreneurs worldwide can create jobs in their community. MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Marketing experience in entertainment – Netflix and Warner Bros.

Media not displaying properly click here: https://youtu.be/zE8OvpwSgxU

The Power and Pitfalls of Content Marketing: Building Relationships and Boosting Sales

In today鈥檚 digital landscape, content marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for building relationships, fostering trust, and ultimately driving sales. However, to maximize the impact of your content marketing strategy, it鈥檚 crucial to avoid common pitfalls and continuously measure and optimize your efforts. In this blog, we鈥檒l discuss the importance of understanding your audience, the role of measurement in refining your approach, and how to avoid the myths that can derail your content marketing success.

Media not displaying properly click here: https://youtu.be/tz8oMFwBpcM

While content marketing offers undeniable benefits, it鈥檚 crucial to dispel common myths that can hinder your success. Corporate communications are the way in which businesses and organizations communicate with internal and external audiences. In this talk, Ehsan Khodarahmi and I – Nathaniel Schooler discuss this key topic.

Thanks for reading and listening!

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