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  • The Megaforce Digigraph: How An Industry Was Born
  • How to Prepare for the Future of Technology Jobs and Innovation

The Megaforce Digigraph: How An Industry Was Born

Episode 3 Pillars of Success with Steven J. Manning

Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth. Steven’s take: never ignore a horse coming your way!

Ignore this nonsense: opportunities are just around the corner. Nonsense. They are right in front of you or you find those when you actively seek them!

Opportunity will not knock on your door. It is not around the corner.

If you don’t believe that, give it a try standing outside, close your eyes really tight and wish to be taller, better looking, richer? Not going to happen.

However … there is always a “however”, is there not?

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How to Prepare for the Future of Technology Jobs and Innovation

The future of technology jobs and innovation is an exciting and ever-changing landscape. In this video, Rania Hoteit and Nathaniel Schooler explore the future of technology jobs and innovation. We take a close look at the skills that will be in demand and what you can do to prepare yourself for these exciting changes.

Rania also shares her insight into what innovation looks like for managers and executives and this is an episode that should not be missed. Rania Hoteit is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur, global impact leader, author, advisor and international speaker with recognitions from The White House, United Nations, UK Houses of Parliament, The Global CEO Excellence Award, The STEP Ahead Award, The Global Business Insights Award and other prestigious honors. Her experience in the field makes her uniquely qualified to speak on this topic.

This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of technology jobs and innovation. It’s clear-sighted, informative, and offers concrete advice on what you can do to future-proof your career. So whatever your future holds, make sure to watch this video or listen to the audio!

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As Founder and former CEO of ID4A Technologies, Rania built a global company whose cutting-edge developments have been revolutionizing manufacturing processes and creating significant environmental, economic and social impact worldwide. Under her leadership, ID4A was recognized by the White House Office of Science and Technology for ‘Fostering The Development of Advanced Manufacturing in the US as The World’; ranked on Entrepreneur 360’s list of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America”; honored on Inc. 5000 List of “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies”; received Real Leaders “100 Top Impact Companies” Award and other global honors, including Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards for the company’s innovative “Pandemic Response” and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 Citizens Awards for “Best Economic Opportunity and Empowerment Program.” Through her commitments to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, over 2000 businesses adopted sustainable practices. Additionally, she contributed to reducing labor exploitation in global production pipelines by improving the skills and working conditions of over 2 million industrial workers by the end of 2021.

Rania has been featured in notable publications including Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc, Entrepreneur, Le Commerce Du Levant, Thrive Global, The National Association of Manufacturers and more. She was recently named by Disrupt Magazine along with Oprah Winfrey among “7 Disruptive Women Paving The Way For Success in 2022”.

Q 1 ) Most leaders want to be innovative and futuristic yet they may struggle to do so. What are the major barriers to innovation and what steps leaders should take to make innovation a part of their strategic planning?

Q 2) Many approaches to innovation can either fail or prove to be ineffective in the long term. How can leaders build a competence in innovation to become successful serial innovators when leading companies into the future?

Q 3) What is the strategic value for interdisciplinary and collaborative innovation networks in business creation and how diversity plays a role in amplifying such value within organizations?

Q 4) What are the best tips or advices you have for people in business?

You can find more information on Rania here: http://www.raniahoteit.com




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