Legacy Media Hub Issue 64

Welcome to the Legacy Media Hub Issue 64. A little recap from the archives:

  • Thanks to Twitter a reminder on the Build Business Acumen Podcast
  • Subconscious Skills for Success! Interview with Jonathan Chase

Thanks to Twitter a reminder on the Build Business Acumen Podcast

Legacy Media Hub Issue 64

4 years ago the Build Business Acumen podcast began; within three months I was approached by the world’s largest ebook publishing firm Bookboon Learning and had delivered 100+ Expert talks in around 3 months. I’m so grateful that you all helped me to deliver these valuable interviews and that we became friends. Time for a big thank you.

Since then I’ve coauthored four books for the company specifically. and worked on many interviews and other projects (Since their acquisition this year they are now part of the Access group).

I’m so grateful for my Co-author and friend Nelly Shein and all the other amazing people whom I was able to meet thanks to Podcasting and being part of the IBM futurist program John Lawson, Billee Howard others I have listed more below…I now call you friends!

Thanks to this opportunity and where it led I now live in Croatia and I still have the pleasure to work with many of you still and found my way into becoming the guardian of a few legacies, some of those people are now no longer with us, and will be remembered as will their words.

And thanks so much to all those amazing guests and the people that introduced me to them. You guys rock!! Dr. Melissa Sassi Tony Henderson Steven Dickens Stephen Gillen Laura Gassner Otting Bryan Eisenberg Tim McDonald Dona Sarkar Sheri R. Hinish Nicolas Babin Dawna Jones Nadya Rousseau Brian Moran Jon Ferrara Sandra Coyle David Mathison Connor Gillivan Jonathan Chase Peter Lavers James Owen Roberts PLY Eddie McAtominey Dan Gold MPRCA

Oh and watch this space for a new series of interviews with business leader Steven J. Manning coming out under the Positive Personal Power Podcast the trailer will be out in the next week.

These will also be available on all major channels too. Series 1 can be found here below.

Nathaniel Schooler & Steven J. Manning

Following on the heels of Schooler’s internationally acclaimed first series of the Positive Personal Power Podcast, showcasing interviews and collaborations with many internationally recognized luminaries and public figures, Schooler & Manning are launching ten tremendously inspiring, challenging and educational webisodes focused on Steven J. Manning’s widely acclaimed talks, interviews, lectures and writings on success: Pillars Of Success.

Best-selling author, entrepreneur, thought leader Schooler, and Manning — an internationally known business leader, author, public speaker, advisor and marketer of over $47 Billion in commerce — share their lessons, tools and the path and motivation to succeed that are indispensable to all who desire to be!

Subconscious Skills for Success! with Jonathan Chase

Your subconscious mind has a lot of power over you and in some cases it destroys things and it also creates, without a focus and a plan and awareness you are letting it run wild. In this interview, Jonathan Chase shares his wisdom and we also discuss a lot of controversial topics…

If you want to get a better understanding of your subconscious and how it has an effect on you, this episode is for you!

We discuss where I am at in my life and we go through a live exercise that outlines what I want from my life, he explains how the subconscious mind needs to be in line with the conscious mind to achieve real success and happiness.

I just took the time to go through the episode myself and he outlines here the process you can use to put together your goals and you will be surprised that they are usually not that far away from where you are already…

If you want to become even more successful I recommend you listen to this episode! Subconscious skills for success is a concept that for many is foreign but for others it is a fact, Jonathan explains the reasons you feel in a certain way and many other insights from someone who knows a lot about this, he has dedicated his life to studying the mind in all its facets and subconscious skills for success is now his focus from a huge career in hypnosis he is someone you should listen to, a very entertaining man.

Here at the Legacy Media Hub, we have been taking stock of the high-quality relationships we have nurtured, we have looked at the world around us and decided to focus to make it a better place. 

If you are in the technology industry or in business and would like to be featured on one of our shows, on the new Legacy Media Hub website, and in our newsletter, feel free to reach out directly and do share with your friends.

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Kim-adele, Nathaniel, and the Team,

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