Is Neuro Marketing The Next Big Thing

Is Neuro Marketing The Next Big Thing – with Ex Head Global Media Weber Shandwick Billee Howard

Is Neuro Marketing the next big thingWe discuss is “neuro marketing the next big thing” and why if you are in marketing you need to pay attention to what Billee Howard and I discuss in this video interview below, or feel free to download the podcast audio or stream it from your phone.

It is super important you listen to this and up your skills, whether you are in business or in marketing it is important that you understand that neuro-marketing is in fact not only the next big thing in marketing but is in fact is the next huge thing in hyper personalisation within marketing.

It takes into accounts different segments of the already segmented audience and then cuts them up some more and then increases the possibility of them becoming a fan, purchasing your content and then becoming an advocate of your brand.

In this world of marketing, neuro marketing is certainly a new term, we hear about neuro branding and neuro this and that and in this video Billee Howard explains what it actually means to brands and why it is super important to them to get involved in understanding firstly why this matters to them and why it is just not just a buzzword thrown around by clever consultants who are attempting to be thought-leaders in the marketing arena.

It is always an education when I speak with Billee and we have discussed sentiment analysis before and both of us agreed that it is generally a waste of time, as can be misconstrued entirely, positive can be negative and visa versa.

But with neuro marketing you are much closer to eliminating these false positives.

Take the time to listen to what Billee has to say and please email me if you have any questions or would like to discuss the possibility of using this nascent technology for your marketing.

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