International Coaching Week 2021

International Coaching Week 2021

International Coaching Week 2021 is part of the International Coaching Federation, in support of this we are running a series of FREE webinars to help people to master their mindset and unlock their potential.

As part of the Elite Coaches Club Launch we are running one of these per day and we are following the International Coaching Week 2021 theme for this year which is defying challenging times.

International Coaching Week Events

All the links are below to the daily international coaching week 2021 events we are hosting.

icw2021 #defyingchallengingtimes

The art of using exercise to defy challenging times with James Owen Roberts: A Successful Paralympian in Rowing at Beijing2008 & Volleyball at London2012 now a Transformation Coach sharing his insights on how to overcome challenges personally and professionally.

Panel Discussion: The art of using exercise to defy challenging times Jamie Edwards – Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Founder of Trainedbrain & StrutCamp Warren Stone – High-Performance Exercise Coach Peggy Wright – Owner Iron Giants Fitness Nat Schooler – Taichi Coach & COO of MasterMindSet

Panel Discussion: The art of communicating through impactful conversations, shaping the future of communicating with emotional intelligence with Nat Schooler, Stephen Gillen & Bryan Kramer you can also check out Stephen’s interview with Nathaniel Schooler here.

A fireside chat on the business of coaching with Kim-adele and how it is evolving to meet the changing requirements of the emerging world.

A review of International Coaching Week 2021 & The business of coaching – defying challenging times by mastering your mindset.

International Coaching Week

International Coaching Week takes place globally, aiming to promote coaching worldwide. It’s a week-long event that gives coaches an opportunity to share their skills with others and build connections for future collaboration.

The International Coaching Week is being organized by the International Coach Federation and its partners. The week-long event runs from May 17th -21st, with events throughout this period globally. These events make for a great opportunity to meet new people, share skill sets, build networks, and learn how to be a better coach than you were before.

You’ll get insights into what’s needed for shifts in your life – both emotionally and financially – at MasterMindSet during International Coaching Week 2021.

I began working with a coach almost 10 years ago and it has personally changed my life. Sometimes we are so close to a problem we can’t get out of our own way and having a coach spot what we are doing and ask us questions to clarify these roadblocks in our own mind is what gets us to change.

Yes change can be painful sometimes but having a coach hold our hand really helps us and can help us create the best version of ourselves. If you don’t have a coach then I strongly suggest you get one.

If you are a coach I want you to know that without your skills the world would be a dark place. You inspire people to change their lives and deserve recognition. Without coaches the levels at which people play would be drastically reduced and we are so lucky to have the International Coaching Week to showcase the important work you do.

A coach will work with you to find your own answers, create the lives they want to live, and not just settle for their circumstances or past. Coaches love helping people reach their potential, find fulfilment, and have more balance in life – no matter where they are on that journey.

Mentors can be coaches but not every mentor is a coach. Mentoring helps you find the answers within yourself and what you need to do in order to live your best life. Coaching focuses on action steps that will help with self-direction while mentoring helps people step into their own power by finding inspiration from others..

If you would like some help on becoming a coach or finding a coach that suits you please reach-out to us as we may be able to help.

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