IBM Shutterstock and Marketing Content

IBM Shutterstock and Marketing Content

For the business World news of the IBM Shutterstock partnership is huge!

The IBM Shutterstock and marketing content partnership will transform the speed marketers can put content out there; by helping them to find and select the right sort of content for their audience at lightening speed. From my tour of Wimbledon in 2015 I have seen Watson supercomputer in action and it is fast to say the least…

It will also be the catalyst for improving many of the other nascent technologies out there too!

Ultimately creating content that performs in today’s fickle World is not easy! 

With AI tools such as Watson it is possible to predict what content is going to perform the best for a vertical or a specific use case. You can start to recommend what images or videos should be used even before a business knows they need them. Alex Reynolds – General Manager, Platform Solutions Shutterstock

The major problem when creating content is the number of different channels, the speed at which you need to put the content out there to create a great reaction and ultimately progress your lead through the customer journey or your customer on to advocate status.

Trusting the IBM Watson content hub with Shutterstock content resources will enable your content to perform really well and should keep you ahead of your competition.

I was invited by IBM to join a Twitter chat with fellow IBM Futurist host Bryan Eisenberg and I have embedded some of the Tweets below from our Q and A session.

Starting with a couple of examples of Watson and if you want to checkout the rest of the Twitter chat below feel free.


IBM Shutterstock and Marketing Content

Here are some Tweets from our Twitter chat a couple days back outlining some of the major reasons to use IBM’s content hub. Ps If you want to learn how to do a Twitter chat you can follow this process or ask me.

Some of the great people from IBM and Shutterstock obviously attended and it was great to see IBM had reduced the number of questions to 6, one too many I still think but better than an hours chat as before! Well done folks!

Q1: What visual content trends are transforming how marketers create digital journeys in 2018?

Alex is totally on point here, AR is certainly growing at a steady rate and will be interesting to watch…


Q2:- Why is creative content such an important piece of marketing campaign creation

I grabbed the info below from an article that I originally wrote for IBM’s Think Marketing.

The Ultimate Social Media Tips for Customer Engagement 

In that blog I share some awesome tips for businesses eager to get the most out of social media!

“We have an attention span of around 8 seconds now, visuals are even more crucial than ever before.” Web Dam

“Posts that have images have 650% higher engagement than regular posts” and “84% of communication will be visual by 2018” Reuters Cisco report

“41.5% of marketers said that original graphics, such as infographics and illustrations, performed best.” In a recent study of 300 marketers by Venngage

There are many tools you can use to create platform specific images and taking the time to put your plan together is really worthwhile, just make sure that you consider where your customers are as opposed to the platforms your competitors are on!


Q3. What challenges do businesses face when trying to deliver the right content to engage their customers?


Q4. How is #AI solving these challenges?

A4: It is enabling speedier placement of words and content, but it also helps to create content that really performs.

Contextual and timely…


Q5. Consistent omnichannel journeys are hard to deliver. Why should businesses invest in creating a consistent visual story across each touchpoint?


Q6. IBM clients now have access to the world’s largest collection of creative assets from . How does having access to Shutterstock’s content arsenal empower Watson Content Hub users?


IBM Shutterstock and Marketing Content Example

Here is another great example of what it can do so far. I think over the next few years it will improve and offer more features, one by one they will be rolled out…I am not saying exactly what those features will be, but my tour of the Wimbledon basement Tech centre in 2015 provided me with some insights into the capabilities of Watson AI I wrote an in depth post here on LinkedIn Amazing IBM Tech

If you would like some assistance with your marketing then please email me here :-IBM Shutterstock and Marketing Content

Here is the blog I grabbed some info from if you want to learn more…

“NEW YORK, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global technology company offering high-quality assets, tools and services through its creative platform, today announced it is working with IBM to better enable marketers to build engaging media campaigns. Now, using IBM’s Watson AI technology, marketing professionals can easily pinpoint the ideal image from Shutterstock’s library of more than 200 million assets, customize it using Shutterstock Editor and create campaigns that drive customer action.”

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