How to use Digital Marketing For Personal Brand?

How to use digital marketing for personal brand?

Digital marketing for personal branding is such an important subject, whether you are a seasoned business executive, business consultant or even a student looking for your first job. It is something to think about for many reasons. Some of which are covered in my last blog :-

In the real world managing your resources are much like aiming for your destination when sailing and trying to keep your ship heading in the right direction. Overstretching yourself is certainly a risk when taking on your own personal brand.

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Being under the illusion that you need to create content all the time is another myth that many people seem to be under the impression is true!

“You are only as good as your last piece of content!” so do not waste your time attempting to build your personal brand by putting out rubbish content or setting up campaigns that need monitoring without the time to put into engaging with your fans.

You can create your own content or share other people’s content or a combination of the two if you choose.

The information in this webinar contains some of the key building blocks that you cannot ignore whether focusing on your personal brand or your business brand.

Knowing who your intended audience are and the kind of content and language that resonates with them is key. In this webinar, Dan Gold and I discuss some of the key building blocks for your personal brand building.

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