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Taming the goldfish brain but how?

How to tame the goldfish brain?? Back in 2015 Microsoft did a study into our brains and we actually have a concentration span of around 8 seconds, in fact a goldfish can concentrate for 9 seconds. Taming the goldfish brain to allow maximum productivity is such a great feeling…

One study from the American Psychological Association found that nearly one-fifth of people say technology is a source of stress. And managing to master your mind set by taming the goldfish brain will transform your life.

We are a society that is always on the go. We have so many distractions and demands put on us everyday, it’s easy to lose sight of what we’re doing and why. It can be difficult to stay focused and motivated in this high-paced world. That’s where your mind comes into play. Your thoughts shape your reality, so if you want something different then you need to change how you think about things first. There are few things more powerful than mastering your mindset!

The article below will give you strategies for taming your goldfish brain that will help keep you focused, motivated, energized and inspired!

how to tame the goldfish brain

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This is seriously bad for productivity, it is bad for business and it is bad for peace of mind

It is official! We seriously have to take the time to focus and remove ourselves from technology, this is the very thing that is causing our lack of productivity! Technology, social media platforms, our iPhones or Samsung or whatever devices are giving us these feel good hormones.

Many people now are aware of their problem, relationships are harder to cultivate in many cases with our loved ones, they see us being somewhere else, they see us being captivated by whatever is happening in this virtual world.

The funny thing is that Augmented reality and Virtual reality may actually be the solution to the problem, they may actually enable us to go full circle and to master our concentration spans again. Although I personally think that exercise, sleep and diet are the key to taming the goldfish brain and getting our lives back.

Take time out, take regular exercise and read a real book or newspaper to renew your productivity

Me and many of my friends take exercise, pray and meditate, practice martial arts and even read books to remove ourselves from the concentration black hole that we have created for ourselves by being in essence lab rats for the new technology that has come out.

Taming the goldfish brain can be done!

Never forget that all technology is in development, nothing is the final release or version, our phones and programs like Facebook are always updating to give us something more interesting or protect our security or whatever.

They are businesses after all, even though they feel like our friends sometimes, we must always remember they want to captivate our attention spans so our data is worth something to them and the companies that want to sell us products and services.

I write a lot around real world problems, marketing, personal branding and also from time to time some crazy things that happen to me on my travels.

Please comment below, and let me know how you tame your goldfish brain!

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