How To Get A Better Paying Job

How to get a better paying job? A question I get asked all the time!

Like most things in life answering the question “How to get a better paying job?” Is pretty simple, the answers are there, all you need to do is to look, take the time to put the right wording together and of course, work for it.

The more effort you put into learning more skills and learning how to explain your story, the better you will do to fulfil your dreams of getting a better job.

I speak to many people that want to earn more money and get a better job. They set out goals for themselves and begin to build a game plan, unfortunately, many either get distracted or lack the skills to put the right words together to achieve success.

Don’t make the mistake of telling people!

Some people make the mistake of telling their friends or peers what they are doing and then this causes them to waste time. Other people’s opinions are always great; but if they don’t know your aspirations or understand you and the creative process of building the career and the life you want, they will try to talk you out of it.

I have listened to Tony Robbins, Les Brown and many other motivational speakers over the years and they tell you not to listen or speak to anyone until you are in the right place and frame of mind. Fortunately, I have an amazing business coach called Barry Joinson who helps me to keep focused and on track to achieve my career goals.

Many of the people that I help to get their personal communications master plan documents in tip top shape don’t tell anyone, they don’t tell anyone until they have done the work, learned the skills and certainly don’t tell anyone until they have landed the job they want.

Showing off your skills is one of the best things you can do to get a better paying job

The first thing people need to do to is to show off their skills in the right light to the right people. Stop using ridiculous technobabble and jargon, no one except your line manager or a specialist recruiter may understand what on earth you are talking about.

My rule is if a twelve-year-old understands what you are saying then use the words, if they have no idea then don’t even bother adding this drivel to your CV, Resume, LinkedIn profile or anywhere else.

Read some more here in my post about which Words to use in your CV or Resume

How to get a better paying job without taking the time to tell your story is not going to happen

Gone are the days of not telling your story, now people need to shine and show off why they are credible, what gives them authority and why they are different and or better than anyone else.

Without having a communications master plan document in place, many copy other people’s words or LinkedIn profiles or they perhaps get a friend to design a CV or Resume for them and it doesn’t reflect who they are.

Standing out now as opposed to hiding away is crucial to success and actually showing off our human side and the why we are different and or better than other candidates.

Use a decent profile shot that reflects your personality, not an old stuffy corporate headshot or a blurred selfie!

I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day about profile shots, she has taken pictures of Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela and various other people in her 30+ years as a photographer and we both agreed the lines between the professional head-shot and a portrait have been blurred and in most cases are now combined together.

How to get a better paying job the easiest way, is directly linked to telling our story using words that reflect who we are authentically to build relationships. No matter what platform we are on getting these words right will enable us to be ourselves and not feel a fake by using words that don’t really fit.

A certain degree of professionalism is key on LinkedIn and ALL other platforms, but showing who we really are is also important to encourage people to connect with us and have conversations with us.

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