Hollywood Legend Stanley Tucci: Tips on Life’s Struggles

Michael Tobin and Nathaniel Schooler were Joined by Stanley Tucci – A famous American actor, writer, producer and film director.

Nathaniel Schooler asked him a few questions and they had a great conversation:

What are the biggest struggles you have been through in your career?

How did you overcome your emotions when you were going through these struggles?

I heard about your Negroni drink – and my friend seemed to think you should have stirred and not shaken.

When you played “George Harvey” in The Lovely Bones (2009)] you said “I never wanted to play a serial killer. I don’t like to watch things about serial killers or kids getting hurt.”

Stanley Tucci: “I can’t stand that, really. But this was something beyond that. It was an exploration of loss and hope. And I’m glad that I chose to do it.”

Hollywood Legend Stanley Tucci Shares his Tips on Getting Through Life’s Struggles from Positive Personal Power Podcast on Vimeo.