Dare to Dance: Andrea Zsapka on the Global Empowerment Summit

The Global Empowerment Summit is a global and diverse event that brings together people and organizations from around the world to create and inspire change. The summit was founded and organized by Andrea Zsapka, and this year Kim-Adele will be speaking at the event.

In this week’s reflections of the week, we were joined by the lovely Andrea Zsapka a Dancing Economist Brand Roadmap Strategist and Creative Leadership Coach. Andrea is also an experienced Team Leader, Lean Subject Matter Expert and Trainer, Master Life coach, Art therapist Life Coach and Dance trainer.

And we were really excited to talk to her about the Global Empowerment Summit that Andrea launched last year. Kim-Adele is speaking there this year.

Andrea is an experienced team leader and creative leadership coach who has worked in many different industries – and she has created her own methodology for coaching which includes dance! So we were really excited to talk with her about how she got started in her empowerment work and what it means for herself and others.

You can learn more about Andrea’s work on her website: https://andreazsapka.com/

“I love challenges. I believe it is vital today to be resourceful and visible. I work and live for my passion, to help people to create their own brand identity and to inspire them to become creative leaders. I do what I love the most. I am an advocate of self empowerment. 

My motto is : Dare to dance your way!”

Andrea Zsapka

You can also dig deeper into the reasons Andrea started the Global Empowerment Summit in the video below or visit the website to see the amazing line-up with over 200 speakers here: https://www.whatwomenwantworkshops.com/

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