GDPR Marketing and Back to Basics

Here Tim Elliott and I Discuss GDPR and Simplifying Marketing

GDPR Marketing and Back to Basics

Going back to basics is key, GDPR is coming at the end of May 2018 and we discuss what you do with people’s data and how to manage this.

We discuss lots of interesting aspects to B2B marketing and how you need to follow the golden rules; obtain consent and be able to prove consent, through double opt-in and be able to prove it.

If it is B2B communications you may be able to try to prove legitimate interest, for example, if you grab an e-book from Hubspot and they sign you up and you download their book, do they still have this legitimate interest to email you?

The cookie policy is not enough, we need to be expressly clear about what we are tracking and why we are using this data. What the data sets are and why we are using them.

Tim shared an amazing resource, answer the is a superb resource where you can find out information of who is asking what on the internet.

Many people are using GDPR as a good time to have a clear out of their email lists, for example the people who have not opened emails for months.

We discuss a lot around the subject and the GDPR specialists will be working towards the standards and Jason at Creation agency was just saying that in B2B you need to make the data you hold on people without names, so you can market to the persona without holding specific details on them.

We discuss JD. Wetherspoon and how they have done a good thing by deleting their social media accounts and email lists. We did agree that they did social media poorly and they had terrible feedback and his support of Brexit etc. The clientele doesn’t care whether the pub managers tweet or not.

We agreed they are a very well run business and the move will not make a negative impact on the business.

Email is even more important after GDPR as it is a safer move than relying on social media channels that are in control of your communications versus you and your email manager.

We both agreed that using it as a spring clean is the way to go.

We also agreed that Facebook has a lot of data but there are so many other platforms that possess huge amounts of data on us and people.

In addition that people grant apps permission to use their data and in fact marketing technologies have extremely powerful advertising targeting…

We also discussed some other interesting subjects…I also shared a rather amusing story…

GDPR is certainly a good step forwards, but for me, as an individual, it is not a huge issue. But in terms of CRM and business data, it is probably within the platforms that GDPR will be an interesting step forwards…we would both recommend that you take advice around GDPR.

If you want some assistance with your GDPR then give me a shout and I will happily recommend the right expert.

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