Entrepreneurs Have Personal Brands Too: Build Yours in 8 Easy Steps?

Entrepreneurs have personal brands and need to take control of them.

Entrepreneurs have personal brands too, like it or not! Whether you are looking to become an entrepreneur or you are successful in business already. You have a personal brand already; from ALL of your past actions and the information about you online, is currently showing you off to potential investors, employees and your clients or customers.

Taking control of your personal brand is really important to ensure your future is as successful as can be

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, generally, we are told at every step, that we can’t do things. Our friends and family tell us to get a job, they tell us that we should grow up, they tell us to work in jobs that they think we are suitable for.

The truth is, once you make the decision to become an entrepreneur, the only people who support you are the ones that understand the creative process. Many have lived it themselves and know if you take a certain amount of action, that you will fail your way to success.

Entrepreneurs have personal brands too

The important thing to remember when building a personal brand; is that you are no different to anyone else, the process for entrepreneurs and the gainfully employed is the same, the reasons are the same, read an old post of mine to understand more click here 11 Reasons Why You Need To Build Your Personal Brand

The process I describe below is actually included in our personal branding course. It is extremely exciting to watch people take control of their professional lives and to move forward building the asset of their personal brand.

The Eight Easy Steps

  • Explain what you do in words that people understand, rather than using the hyperbole that is more often than not featured within most entrepreneurs profiles; it must be simple for people to understand what you do.
  • Find the right words to use to build your credibility and authority, whether these words represent the businesses you have built and then sold, or people you have worked with or even awards you have one; taking the time to get them right pays dividends.
  • Find the right words to explain why you are different or better than anyone else who is seen to be providing similar benefits.
  • Work out the words that you want to have behind their personality and the credentials that give them a meaning, this needs to be “real authentic and genuine” Neil O’Keefe from the DMA.
  • Manage to build the right kind of content that engages your audience, whether this means creating your own content or curating other people’s it doesn’t matter as long as you are building their thought-leadership.
  • Ensure you use the right wording in ALL of your communications; based on points 1-4 above, if the right wording is used people will want to do business with you.
  • Make sure you take every opportunity to show off their entrepreneurial skills to the people that really matter and add value at every step of your businesses growth.
  • Grow your networks in the right way, ensuring you are building relationships with the right people; people who want to help to grow your career and your businesses; as opposed to people who want to sell you something.

Entrepreneurs struggle on a daily basis to build their businesses and skills. More often than not they are working within their enterprises; instead of working on the outside of them and growing them.

More often than not they get caught up in daily tasks that have little or no value to the business they are so desperate to grow and this leaves no time to build their personal brand. If you are one of the rare entrepreneurs who has time you can learn more here from The Ultimate Guide To Personal Branding To Win.

Entrepreneurs have personal brands too and they are such a great asset

You as an individual have more power than you ever thought possible and can actually transform businesses by just being involved with them.

The reason for this is that is you have built a huge amount of trust and sweat equity in your personal brand. You are a trusted member of your network and they know you won’t waste their time and yours upon recommending the wrong products or services.

So if you want to build your personal brands please take the time to review what you say about yourself covering the key points above and if you would like some help to build your personal brand then do contact us above.

Thanks for reading my articles 🙂

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