Discovering Your Why Is Key To Success

Discovering Your Why Is Key To Success

Discovering Your Why!

If you really don’t know why you do what you do, if you don’t know why you are in the career or the business that you are in and you don’t have a great reason to get out of bed in the morning then clearly you haven’t discovered your why.

Do not panic, some people don’t discover what they love to do in their careers until they are technically middle aged or older. I turned 40 last year and since then I have discovered my why. I love helping people with their careers, their brand marketing and I love assisting them to grow their brands to do more of what they really love to do versus the career that they just ended up with. Many are steered by their parents, peers and even their teachers into careers they don’t like that much, some just fall into their current job or business and do love it, whereas others don’t enjoy what they do much at all.

So discovering your why is so important and yet so few people end up working in a company that values their skills and so few people end up having the career that they dreamt of as a child. This was me until I reached 40 and once I had begun to enjoy what I do on a daily basis I started to enjoy work incredibly and the financial rewards and the personal self esteem boost arrived.

Discovering your why is incredible because it:

  • Helps you find more meaning in life
  • Gives you an extra reason to get up in the morning
  • Helps you direct your efforts to a bigger purpose than your selfish wants and needs

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

Shakespeare ? OR??

“This statement is often attributed to the famed playwright William Shakespeare or the influential painter Pablo Picasso on social networks like Facebook and Pinterest. I know that means absolutely nothing about who really said it. Would you please trace this quotation?” I found this when searching for the meaning of life???

Writing has become the most amazing journey of self-discovery for me; from being told that I was useless by my English teacher I have gone on to be hired by IBM to write content for THINKMarketing and actually be interviewed on video to talk about big data, recently we launched Next Level Podcast show and a personal branding service that helps other people to build their career success.

Yes I still have to do admin tasks that I hate, yes I have to really concentrate hard on what I am doing and yes I still need to spend time focusing on our business strategy every day to stay on track but I enjoy 90% of what I do, which is a lot better than before I discovered my why.

My life is infinitely better now, the past ten years have been what many people would call character building.

Discovering your why is something amazing! It is a bit like getting a turbo for your success and happiness.

Resilience is something that you must have to become successful and a desire to learn. Soaking up as much information as you can about your role, the industry you are in and the generally unstable business world of today is more important than ever.

My father was educated at MIT and was Britain’s leading business management expert for over 10 years. My life was not hard working in our winery, it was not hard to earn money, it was not easy to work within my family business for many years. Reason being is that because you are family people think you do no work, especially in a production business, people down in the production and dispatch departments believe that the people in the office do nothing. Weird considering you work non stop for 8 hours and have no break and complete more in those 8 hours than most people complete in a week…

So discovering my why was not easy it took many different entrepreneurial ventures. From the vineyard that I was planning on putting a shop into, the microbrewery with the brewer who had been their 20 years, to the clients that messed me around for payments has led me to my life now, it isn’t perfect, many days I have to start work early and work until late at night, but the reward I feel when I create something that may help other people to change their lives is such a great feeling.

All my efforts in becoming successful have made me the man I am today, struggle has helped me to develop empathy for others, helped me to really understand what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes.

My time travelling the world when in my 20’s, my knowledge from the wine industry and working within premium retail,  dealing with buyers, retail customers and distributors alike has enabled me to understand the world from a unique perspective and be me.

Discovering your why is not easy sometimes and is something that people may need help with on occasion.

Since I have discovered my why and just become my unique self with no pretense, earning money is a lot easier than it ever has been it is a lot more fun to do work and I deal with people who just get me and we seem to have fun when we work.

So for all those people who perhaps haven’t discovered there why I suggest you keep looking and make a list of things that you really love to do and things that you would love to do. Once you have done this then give me a shout and we will talk about how we may be able to help you to move forwards in your career or entrepreneurial venture you are in.

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