Context Is The Most Important Word In Marketing

Its Official Context Is The Most Important Word In Marketing

The challenge we have as marketeers is to make sure the right information gets in front of the right people at just the right time, not too early or too late and ideally before our competition. Context is the most important word in marketing, relevance is key and the reasons are endless for this…

But if that information is too close to their hearts and annoys them it may put them off you or your brand permanently! Some people won’t notice if the content is tailored specifically to them, others are more clued up than you think.

Imagine if you are going on holiday to Tenerife and a mobile ad pops up outside a chemist and says get 20 % off for all people flying with BA for sun cream, some people may feel that their privacy has been intruded upon others may love it and buy some anyways!

The thing is the fremium mentality may stop, once people actually take notice of what’s going on around them. Imagine if you had offers for all the things you buy on a daily basis popping up everywhere that you go, web sites, game sights, occulus rift rich 3d experiences with banner ads in the background brainwashing you to buy their brands.

Lots of companies within the tech space keep threatening to launch a private browser with no tracking of historical data and for the moment the freebies that Google is giving away make you return more than 50 times a day and ask questions whilst they gather more of your data.

So imagine your a normal person and know nothing about technology and got pushed not to the edge but further, you became so annoyed that the information got under your skin…what would you do? You would stop buying things from the intrusive companies and brand that you have begun to hate!

If you are a brand people will stop buying your products, if your offers are too frequent and too intrusive, especially within the UK, in America people are a lot less private, we as British people tend to be a little more reserved.

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