Circles of Perception With Nat Schooler

In this interview, Nat Schooler was interviewed by the amazing Mimi Novic. Nat explained some of the lessons he has been through to find his purpose and Mimi and Nat discussed how he got somewhere in his career and he also discusses how he is helping his parents with their technology.

“In today’s episode, I welcomed best selling author, advisor, podcaster and branding expert Nat Schooler. Nat has been in the branding industry for over 10 years and specialises in coaching worldwide entrepreneurs, professionals, executives and other high achievers.

He helps people to find their authentic voice so they can connect with others on an emotional level while still being professional.

Nat is also a passionate podcaster who has a team of like-minded people who deliver timeless business-focused content that enables people to grow their knowledge and build their brand.

Today he shares his life-changing moments, that have had a profound effect on his career and personal paths. It shows us that no matter how much we plan when we find the real fire of purpose within us, we can never go back to a life of suffering but must follow our quest to be all that we truly are. For more information on Nat check out his website

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