My Top 7 Business Networking Tips And Tricks

My Top 7 networking tips and tricks, in two minutes…

Attending an event and learning the best business networking tips and tricks is not going to happen, they say preparation is the key…in the business networking world they are certainly right…

Here I share my best 7 business networking tips and tricks…

1) Do not try to sell someone something at a business networking event, it is a waste of your time as they won’t buy there and then, so be nice and speak to them after the event and find out their problems don’t sell!
2) Make sure you don’t eat garlic the night before and if you do take some gum.
3) Make sure you have a notepad and a pen, that way you can write on the back of their business card or make notes of potential collaborations.
4) Do not badge spot, it is not speed networking, if you are engaged in a conversation with someone it is not a good idea to look for your “ideal client” over their shoulder. Don’t forget the person you are speaking to may sell to the exact same client base as you, they may be married to your ideal client or know them personally.
5) Take thick business cards with a picture of you on them, that way if people get a LinkedIn request from you, you have a better chance of them remembering you.
6) Try to connect with people before the event online and arrange meetings or coffee there is possible.
7) Follow up as soon as possible after the event and build relationships this is where the magic happens.

Back in the day, when I was learning about soft selling, marketing and business networking I worked with a coach called Richard White, AKA The Accidental Salesman, he also wrote The Networking survival guide  we did an amusing Guerrilla marketing strategy for generating leads, if you want to listen to the story it is on this podcast I did with Lisa McDonald who is now with C-Suite radio

If you can’t explain why people should do business with you then please message me as I can help :-

Alternatively read this blog and listen to the podcast

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