Building Your Personal Brand At 40

Building your personal brand and where to start

When you hit 40, building your personal brand is something that you should certainly consider and reassessing where you are located in relation to your goals is the first step.

For many people in life hitting “The Big 40“, is a time to reassess where you are, in relation to your career objectives and then to plan accordingly for your future success. Building your personal brand is key to providing a competitive edge to your successful career.

This article dispels any myths you may have and explains what is involved.

Develop your personal brand by following a process

Building your personal brand at 40 is not an easy task; for people, without a clear process, it can be a struggle. Our personal branding training course alleviates the lack of understanding many have.

Without clear direction in your career, building your personal brand is very difficult. Before you do start building your personal brand, taking the time to work out what you want to do in life, is really important. The more time you spend planning the easier it is moving forwards.

Planning out what your perfect day looks like, may sound corny but it really pays dividends. You don’t need to have an exact picture of what you want. Having a general idea of what you enjoy doing in your current role and what you would do more of if you had the choice, is a great place to start.

Building your personal brand helps you to plan the direction of your life

Your entire life should be looked at as a whole and not your career on its own. You will find that some things in your life will not be in balance and will need to be given more time and focus. You will want to take the time to plan out which aspects of your life you want to work on and building your personal brand is something you do after this initial planning stage.

Sometimes people struggle with getting their wording right

I was speaking to an experienced marketer a few weeks back and he was struggling to explain some of the key elements to his personal brand.

He had spent some time working with a PR company that had created a statement for him. His problem was that the statement they had created; didn’t really explain who he was, where his authority came from and why he was better or different from anyone else.

Taking the time to get your wording right is key

When building your personal brand using the right words is key to showing off your skills and expertise in the right light. Building your personal brand is best done by following a tried and tested methodology.

Our course helped him to create the wording for the core elements of his personal brand, as follows:-

  • What he did exactly for his clients in understandable words
  • Where his authority and credibility came from
  • Why he was different and better than anyone else
  • His cornerstone words that he wanted people to think about after he left the room

The brand blueprint we helped him create, has enabled him to project who he is in the right light. It was necessary to use words that encouraged his target audience to take notice of him.

Clearly, he had lots of experience in marketing and had worked with many different companies and within lots of different industries. He was also mentoring people for a huge global household name and working with a number of great clients but he didn’t quite have the right wording to tell the world why they should buy him, versus anyone else.

He enrolled on our online course and took time to go over the modules and work with me personally on creating his profile. He spent some time putting together his brand blueprint over the next couple of months. The document he created has given him the focus he needs, to build his career and obtain the right kind of clients.

Sometimes building your personal brand can be daunting, but it really is very rewarding when you get started. Our clients in the marketing world managed to do it and are now well on the way to obtaining more of the clients that they want to work with.

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