Building Business Acumen: to Stay Ahead with Nelly Shein

Former Journalist 25+ Years, author of 25 Business books and Ex Media CEO Nelly Shein and I discuss what people need to know in business. We both tell some funny stories about building business acumen and deliver lots of valuable information about business management and ongoing learning.

On today’s podcast, my guest is Nelly Shein. Nelly is a former journalist who has written 25 business books and is the ex-media CEO of Scandinavia’s largest media company. She now helps people build their business acumen so they can stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. We discuss what it takes to build business acumen and how important it is to ongoing learning. We also share some funny stories about our own experiences in building our businesses. If you’re looking for some valuable insights into business management, then tune in to this episode of the Build Business Acumen Podcast. Thanks for listening!

Recently Nelly was asked about where to begin building business acumen and business skills and she said it boils down to the skills and the courage that you need and it is imperative you find the qualifications and the acumen.

If you don’t have the courage and the skills then it will be much harder to create success and building business acumen is crucial!

In Silicon valley they do not look at failure in the same way, they understand that without failure there is no success; much like when we were children learning how to walk! Building business acumen is the same in this way.

Both Nelly and I agreed that we are really grateful for the times we failed and got up and fought another day and took new chances and challenged oneself to do that.

We need to understand that in society people are obsessed with success stories and not failures, failures build character and those mistakes shape us to be the messenger to other people who need to learn and many are building business acumen. Entrepreneurs and business leaders seem to have a better angle on learning these skills, it is never to late to improve though.

Many people within businesses are pulling in different directions and many can’t explain what the business they are in does.

I explain about my family business and my Dad and Grandfather and I discuss the entrepreneurial journey and how my grandfather worked two jobs and built a factory, both my Dad and my Grandfather Nathan Schooler went to MIT, and my Dad is still a lifelong learner at the age of 88 years old; he exercises every day and reads the new scientist.

We discuss the product and how that it must be right and especially if you are selling something that is rubbish you won’t become successful. Once you get everything right and your staff are pulling in the right direction it is super fun. You can also feel when your teams are pulling in the wrong way, which enables you to take action!

Nelly explains that the best thing you can do in business is to “be a sponge” and be curious about what you want to know, running with the excitement and naturally going on to build business acumen.

When you love what you do, use that charisma and if you can’t be charismatic and you own a business perhaps then sell the business or change jobs.

We also shared some amusing stories, Nelly explains about the late founder of IKEA and how he actually behaved in his business and I mentioned a good friend of mine and the time he bought me a £1 ready meal when I was invited for dinner on his boat!

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