Blake Shusterman, AKA- The Cooking Doc: Looking After Your Health

This was another really fun episode hosted by Nadya Rousseau and Nat Schooler

Tell us about you, who are you and what drives you to do what you do?

Why does positivity matter to you?

What is your personal “positive superpower”?

Not many nephrologists also moonlight as “Cooking Docs.” What was the inspiration behind your platform and the #Changeyourbuds movement?

How do you motivate your patients who are struggling to enjoy healthy food?

Do you have a particular memory of a challenging patient who felt particularly discouraged about improving their health?

Why do so many Americans struggle with their health?

How can we motivate them to make a collective shift?

You recently became an ambassador for the American Kidney Foundation. How will this relationship manifest? (Talk about Kidney Kitchen, Panels)

Dr. Blake is now in an exclusive ambassadorship with the American Kidney Fund, the nation’s largest leading npo on kidney health. This relationship will amplify the positive impact in a big way. Here is a link to their recent press release.

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