BJJ Injury: How to Deal With It and Stay Sane

Injuries are an unfortunate part of life- and unfortunately, they can often occur when we are least expecting them. This is especially true in the sport of Brazilian Jiujitsu, where even the slightest injury can keep you from rolling for days, months or years. If you are currently dealing with an injury, don’t worry- this blog post is here to help! In this post, we will discuss how to deal with BJJ injuries and stay sane during the process.

Whether you are beginning BJJ in your teens, thirties or fifties at some point you may get injured. It is the way it is. Hopefully, it isn’t too bad, sometimes Jiujitsu players have injuries and that is life.

Unfortunately, if you hadn’t guessed I have an injury. Fortunately, I managed to walk and it doesn’t feel too bad just now. It is early days though and this morning I did some Taichi internal strength training, went to the jacuzzi, and sauna and floated in the cold plunge pool for 11 minutes (this is addictive!) I also tried out a massage oil with chilli and that seems to have helped a bit too.

It certainly is getting better, although not sure when I can actually roll again. Injuries suck. Although like most things in life it could be much worse. You can walk and train techniques and with weights etc, you just can’t actually roll with anyone as it hurts too much for that. 

So annoying as this can have been avoided by following the 70% power approach, with ego in check that I was using before. I was at the beginning stages of becoming fluid in what in essence represents a new style for me, over the years I have studied Taichichuan (supreme ultimate fist), Pagua, Muay Thai Boxing, Japanese Jujitsu and a little Judo when I was at school. So sad that I didn’t follow the Taichi classics approach of not trying to use loads of energy but instead tried to muscle my way out of a position that in essence could have been avoided by something that learned a couple of days before and something learned in the first class…feel dumb?

Yep 🙁 But don’t let it get you down, take the time to think of the many lessons you learned about your technique and approach and remember #behumble oss.

Note to self and anyone reading who studies BJJ, make sure you shrimp properly to avoid this situation instead of trying to fight gravity and use huge muscle force.

Eat rest, sauna, light exercise and boom back to class…you can even go and watch which is good. Just make sure you bring snacks! 😉

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