Saving Your Marriage By Being an Intrapreneur

Using your entrepreneurial talents and showing them off, could really help your marriage. When it comes to being an entrepreneur, there are a lot of ups and downs. You never know when you’re going to have a great idea or when you’re going to face a major setback. This can put a lot of pressure on a marriage, especially if one spouse is the primary breadwinner. However, there are ways to ease this pressure by being an intrapreneur. Intrapreneurship is all about being entrepreneurial within a company, utilizing your creativity and drive to come up with new ideas and solutions. This can be a great way to show off your talents and build your skillset, without the added stress of running your own business. In addition, remaining employed will give you the stability and security that comes with a steady stream of cash!

Disclaimer: Before going through the benefits of being an intrapreneur and how it could save your marriage; you need to know: I will not be held responsible if your marriage has reached the point of no return and you cannot save it.

I will not be held responsible if you take too long to build your personal brand and to gain the recognition you deserve from your entrepreneurial efforts to save your marriage.

I will not be held responsible if your company has the wrong culture to embrace this approach.

Before I begin it is important to provide a clear definition of what on earth an intrapreneur is?

We are surrounded by the use of such “buzzwords” daily, people throw them around without understanding their true meaning, especially on social media and it is important to be informed.

There is some confusion around the meaning of such words such as intrapreneur and to dispel any doubt I have included the meaning below.

“Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization.” Wikipedia

The first written use of  the word ‘intrapreneur’ dates from 1978 by Gifford Pinchot III.

An intrapreneur according to the Collins English Dictionary is “a person in a corporation who is given the freedom and resources to initiate products, business ventures, etc.”

“A manager within a company who promotes innovative product development and marketing.” According to Oxford

Intrepreneurial thinking for me, “The creative expression and implementation of ideas to improve the organisation that we work for.”

Building a culture of innovation gives you more freedom at work and makes your marriage happier too

Company structures should be welcoming to entrepreneurial thinking and should ensure your work and home life are enjoyable and stress free.

You can use entrepreneurial thinking anywhere, you could for example create a new way of streamlining customer service inquiries, to ensure your customers are happier. Happy customers lead to happy employees and happy employees are more likely to have great relationships with their spouses and happier lives.

Without empowerment and entrepreneurial thinking, one does not achieve the true cost efficiency and many improvements that a culture of intrapreneurship can create and we have to take our work home to keep up.

When working on creating this intrapreneurial culture within businesses, we should assist the entrepreneurial minded; to not only think about their ideas, but we should assist to implement them. When we are supported at work we do not have to bore our spouses with questions and stress. Actually leaving our work at work can be a great relief for our other halves.

Stability at work and feeling valued is great for your relationship with your spouse

If businesses can create the right culture and reward this innovative approach, staff turnover rates remain low.

Many people come up with great ideas and with the support and resources they need, those ideas can be put into practice and can really help to build recognition for them at work.

Intrapreneurs are no different to entrepreneurs and the only real difference is the secure framework of the organisation around them. To ensure we follow the key business drivers, embracing a culture of entrepreneurial spirit, is crucial to the success and longevity of business.

Developing personal brands for intrapreneurs, helps with business growth and work life balance

Business efficiencies, staff retention, high moral and increased motivation are just some of the benefits. Enabling us to be happier at home, we don’t complain as often that we had a bad day, we don’t drink alcohol to forget how unhappy we were at work, we can spend our time on making sure our wife or husband are happy within their lives and take time to do the things that are really important to keep our relationships on solid ground.

You will feel more valued at work, so when at home you will have less to worry about

Once you have a strong entrepreneurial personal brand, you can focus on more of the work that you enjoy doing; you will be more well-known for doing a great job in the areas you live for. This will reflect on your personal life in a positive way, by meaning you will have to work less to keep up with the pace.

Helping the people with entrepreneurial spirit within organisations to build their personal brands, assists not only to build that spirit within the organisation; but it also enables to grow ideas, building skills faster with support and special training funds.

People learn how to communicate better within the business, in words that represent their key skill sets, enabling them to build stronger relationships with their peers, enjoy their work more and feel much more rewarded and fulfilled at work and their self-esteem is improved too, leading to a much improved home life.

At home you will have more time, money and financial security

You will be less distracted by entrepreneurial ideas that you used to dream of doing, because you can use this creative energy at home.

You are likely to have more money at home as you won’t waste resources on the next get rich scheme.

Companies encourage you to be more entrepreneurial and have certain educational programs that will help you to get paid more money, have more rewards at work and actually all of these will impact your marriage positively in many ways.

Less financial risk from your work creates a happier home life

Being an intrapreneur and building a strong personal brand as one, will enable you to enjoy your life and use your entrepreneurial spirit with a small degree of risk, this financial stability, will help you a great deal with your marriage and the daily pressures that come with having children and a mortgage.

So whatever your reasons for building your personal brand; doing it within a big company as an intrapreneur, is one of the most empowering things you can do in your career and the safest for your marriage.

Having a strong personal brand really helps here too so people know what to expect from you. Learn more here:

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