Authentic Achievements Episode 11 with Special Guest Mark V Smith

Authentic Achievements Episode 11 with Special Guest Mark V Smith – originally posted here

In this episode of Authentic Achievements, I am delighted to be joined by Mark V Smith – The Process. “Curator of a Bigger Vision Within,” Mark V. Smith specializes in speaking from his personal experience of trials and tribulations in life.

His desire to chronicle CHOICES and share the “journey” of his life, resonates with everyone at our core personally and professionally. Smith served as Vice President of MACCA (Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association), and former RESEA (Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment) facilitator for the Department of Labor.

In those previous roles, he used his gifts to share words of perseverance that helped individuals push forward through adversity. Mark has received standing ovations when he spoke on topics such as GROWTH, PURPOSE, and LEGACY at venues across the country. His teachings and guidance have changed the lives of thousands of men and women not only in Maryland but nationwide.

With his podcast, “The Process”, he outlines and breaks down SITUATIONS we all go through, and offers insight on methods to defeat the storms in life. Known for his clever use of acronyms within his messages, Smith gives listeners a way to remember key points as we GROW FORWARD. Mark’s signature vision statement “Your Why is Greater Than Your Situation Which is Part of Your PROCESS”, gives us the perspective that we are always GROWING.

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Full Transcript:

Authentic Achievements with Mark V Smith The Process


Hello, and welcome to this episode of authentic achievements, where I have the absolute privilege of being joined again by the fabulous Mark V. Smith of the process.

I’ll tell you a bit about mark before I invite him to chat with you. So he’s the curator of a bigger vision within, and he specializes in speaking from his own personal experience of trials and tribulations and his desire to Chronicle choices and share the journey of his life. And he’s impacted hundreds of people globally with his message, his podcast, the process he outlines and breakdowns, the situations that we all go through and offers insight on the methods and how we defeat the storms in life.

And for me, the bit I love is his signature vision statement. Your why is greater than your situation, which is part of your process and gives us the perspective that we really are all growing. Mark. It is a joy to have you here,


Kim Good morning. I’m so glad to good to be here.


I know it’s so lovely to catch isn’t it. We chatted a few weeks ago on the, on the USA global TV show. Didn’t we, and now, now we’re here on this one and it, you were just so insightful.

And I think what I love is the way that you reframe things, you know, a big believer in the fact that life loves to throw as a plot twist. But if we accept, it’s just a plot twist and not the end of the world, then we can find a way through it. You can find an opportunity to come to the other side. So can you start by sharing with us your journey so far, please?


Wow. We, we only got a short amount of time, cause my journey is a long, long journey. You know, it, it I’ve had like everybody else. I’ve had a lot of ups and a lot of downs in life. And again, it would start from, from my young age, having the belief or let say the lack of belief that I could achieve different things that I’ve achieved thus far.

I humble beginning’s a mother and father who worked extremely hard, father who worked seven days a week, sometimes 12 hours a day for, for weeks on time. I, I kinda missed that. I missed that, that role model sometimes inside the household. And I, of course like a lot of other young men decided that, you know, I would listen to other individuals who I, I later on to, to Chronicle and talk about my cage, which was my cage versus my circle.


So I, again, I, I grew up with a lot of hard knocks. Went on to college, got outta college. I went to work, started working in a factory, realized that I didn’t want my body beat up.

I had been, you know, I wanted to exercise my mind and do different things and relocated to, to the, the hot state of Arizona. And that while there I was able to really start to formulate my, I, I would say, I think those were the formative truly formative years of my career. I started off with the university of Phoenix online and, and missions.

So I would talk to people all across the globe and, and really develop the, the key skill that we all needed active listening, but to listen to them, talk about their journey, their journeys, and talk about their plots and their goals. And from that point on, I mean, things just went, went from here, back down to here, to back up here, to back down here to, to the point to where in 2018, I, I chronically talk a lot about, I started to develop this series due to the fact that I lost my job.


Everybody knows that I talk about it. It was right before Christmas in 2018. When I used that old adage comfort becomes a casualty of growth. I became comfortable.

I became comfortable in where I was living and the things that I was doing. And sometimes you have to get pushed out of that comfort zone. And while though I didn’t see it at that particular time, man, Kim, that was the greatest thing that ever could have happened to my life because had that not been the case, the process would not have been developed

. And I wouldn’t be sitting here, here in front of you today. I’d still be at that school talking to young men and women, which was a joy, but it was time for me. You know, I believe that everybody has a season and it’s time for them to move forward, to do different things.


I love that. And it’s so true, isn’t it? You know, I always say to people that we only grow through our pain. If we go through our pain, you know, we have to go through it first to learn, you know, what’s life trying to teach us.

And it’s taken a lot of years to realize everything is either a lesson or blessing or both. So when I don’t feel blessed, I look for the lesson because it’s usually in there, it’s trying to tell me that I’ve got to, that there’s as something that I need to do differently. And what I live about your journey so far is is that you use that adversity to actually become the platform for your growth.

So to say, actually, this isn’t how I want it to be. So I’m going to choose something different. So, you know,


I would always one of the things that I had to learn and something that I truly believe in right now that I didn’t understand is that most people don’t change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. And I had to get that. I didn’t get that. You know, it was said to me years, many, many years ago in my young adult years.

And you know, like, like young kids, right? You have those blinders on. Yeah. Whatever you say, whatever. I don’t, I don’t believe that until you actually experience it and go through. And it’s definitely nothing, but wisdom and knowledge is the greatest teacher of, of life in the world. So yeah, the pain of staying the same group grew so much more to me than the pain had change.


I love that because there that’s the piece. We sometimes don’t admit isn’t it is that there is a cost to us of change, but there’s also a benefit to us of not changing. So we have to look at it, even if it’s just that we get to be a victim, we get to feel sorry for ourselves. We gain some payback. And it’s only when the payback doesn’t outweigh the cost that we can actually make that shift.

So how, how do you share with people, how they can change that, how they can get ready to get rid of the thing that’s causing them to stay small and gain the confidence to go out and live their best life?


You know, that’s a great question. I thought about that when I, when I first initially put together the process and, you know, backstory is, I, I’ll never forget, you know, having a conversation with my wife when I, when I first thought about putting this together. And she said, well, I believe in what you’re doing. And I believe in what you’re saying, I believe in your journey.

Cause I see I’ve seen your journey. How do you wanna get that to people? How would they best resonate to what you’re saying and what, how it equates to everyone? Not just you, but to everyone who, who might be involved.

Oh, I created by me doing this through the, through the realm of acronyms, it would help resonate with people and fit no matter what situation anyone goes through. And I started simply with, with kind of dialoging about what is it that we all need, right?


If there has to be a foundation for everything, what is it? Or, or four components that each one of us can always dial back to that we can all agree on. And I said, first one was accountability, right?

You can’t get to where you need to go in life or, or overcome any obstacle or challenge. I didn’t say problem. I said, challenge or situation that we need to go through, but lets you not accountable two.

You can’t even get that point or, or move past that point unless you have integrity, right? You have to be honor who you are and what your core values are. And all of us have core values. You know, we’ve, you know, unfortunately, sometimes individuals don’t display those core values, but we all have those inside of us. The next one Kim I said is you have to take, you have to be responsible.


You know, there has to be that responsibility aspect. You have to be looking greater than yourself. You know, I, I was always told and I firmly believed that whenever I was in a pitch or a crisis or whenever I really thought that I couldn’t get through it, take Mark out the equation and think about who you’re doing it for. Right? Who is it?

Because you’ll fight hard for those that you love than you will for yourself. I don’t, I don’t think anybody can dispute that action. And the last one that I think was, was always gonna be that foundation was respect.

We, if you can’t respect who you are, how are you gonna respect somebody else? So I always said that when I put all this together and I said, I wanna get it to individuals. I wanna make sure that you, you can say, check, put a check mark in each one of those boxes, I’m accountable.


I have integrity. There’s responsibility that I’m taking. And I have respect for not only myself, but, but everybody else that I’m gonna come in contact with with that. Now we got a chance to grow.

Now we got a chance to lift up and pull ourselves from where we were, get to where we truly need to go. And that’s been the super focal point. I mean, I will always start with that with individuals and we will go from there and talk about growth, which I said was gradual reminder, obstacles will test hope. We’ll go to trust, you know, time reveals, understanding of situation transformation.

So I just decided, again, the acronyms are gonna be the way that that, that would stick. People can always pull something out of it with a acronym and the great thing about it. You can make it and tailor it relatable to your current situation and how to remove that situation or, or that thought process of that situation in your life.


Amazing. I love that. Yeah. I, I don’t use acronyms. I use quotes. I’m a real quote girl and my head is full of millions of them. People. I literally got a quote for everything in there and I was like, for me, it is back to making it relatable.

Isn’t it. I look at quote and it helps me see a way through whatever I’m facing today, but those acronyms are great. It’s that way of kind of getting that memory. And I loved also the, the part around taking yourself out of the equation.

And one of the things I’ll do to myself now is that my little girl’s called Scarlet and like a biased mother, I believe as long as she tries hard and she’s kind, there’s nothing in the world she can’t do.

So I ask myself, if this were her, what advice would I give her? And then I make myself take the advice, even if it’s uncomfortable, but it’s amazing how, how that helps us to just move forward. So what would you say has been your greatest lesson so far?


Hmm, not to let what I don’t have prevent me from using what I do have


Love that.


Not letting what I don’t have, prevent me from using what I do have and what I mean by that is being okay with me being okay. That I’m imperfect. I’m not perfect. I will never be perfect.

So being okay and accepting that I don’t care what society thinks about me. I don’t care what anybody thinks about me as long as I’m okay within. And I can know that every single day that, that the impact that I have types of lives and potentially changes lives, which I know it changes lives then I’m okay. So I, again, I talked initially that I had the, the, the problem early in, in life with self-acceptance.

I mean, I wanted everybody to like me. I wanted to, to be the, I wasn’t the class clown, but I did do some things that I shouldn’t have done because I wanted that negative attention.


I eat individuals need to dissect whether you have your circle or you have a cage of, of individuals that you surround yourself with. So that would probably be the hugest steps that, that I I accomplish is I’m. Okay.

Now I, I, the opportunity to speak on stage, the opportunity to dialogue with you, the opportunity to affect individuals in Baltimore, DC, and Virginia, every single day at nine 10 o’clock in the morning, the, the opportunity to, to go out and go to the store and help a young help, a elderly person get something or push their cart or bag their groceries, those types of things.

Again, you appreciate more that I didn’t appreciate. Then life is about being comfortable with who you truly are. Not worried about who, what anybody else thinks of you, but making sure that you sleep darn good at night. And Kim, I sleep good. It took a, it took a while. I know I can’t lie. You know, this, this what you see. And, and what in everybody sees now is not the same person.

I strive every day to be better than I was the day before. And as I said before, I’m a work in progress, but I am truly better today than I was yesterday and will be better tomorrow than I am today.


I love that. And it’s such a journey, isn’t it, to get, to being comfortable with yourself. And, you know, I, I used to somebody shot of whiskey than everybody’s cup of tea. And as a British person, we could argue about how we make tea, as much as we could about politics and religion.

You are never gonna win that battle. You are never gonna be everybody’s cup of tea, but when you realize for the right people, you’re their shot of whiskey, then they’re the ones we’re looking for. You know, the ones that we can really affect the ones that we can be comfortable with and getting comfortable in your own skin. It’s a lot of work.


So yes, it’s of work. It’s truly, it’s truly a, a, an adventure. Now, you, you brought up something a few minutes ago and you talked about, and we both talked about change, and I’ve always said that change is hearted first messy in the middle, but rewarding at the end.

And I look at my life and think about, wow, I, I, you know, there were things that I wouldn’t step out and believe in, but, you know, I, I realize now that, you know, all I had to do was step out and there was a net there.

The net was, the net was the faith that I needed to know to move forward. And so I, I look at the messy part of everything. You know, the, the, the separating, the people who I truly thought were my friends, which really weren’t my friends, the family members, sometimes people don’t wanna address that topic.


The family members, who you thought would be supportive of you, who really aren’t supportive of you to get to that final step, to know that, and is rewarding at the end, to be able to say, Hey, wait a minute. I made it. I made it. through my own faith, through my own perseverance, through the own trials and tribulations that I had to endure, I made it.

And, and I’m sitting in a position to where I can give it back and I can share with people. So hopefully they don’t have to bump their heads as hard as I did. So they don’t have to, to have those lights of crying. And those days of, of feeling worthless and helpless and understanding who, when you look in your mirror, you’re powerful, you’re, you’re able to and persevere through anything that life goes at you.


I love that. It’s so true. Isn’t it. Every single one of us has already survived a hundred percent of the challenges life’s thrown at us. That’s one heck of a batting average. That’s great. You know what? I’ve got a good bating average. I’m gonna trust that. I, if I try hard, if I’m kind, and if I just focus on the things I can do, cause we got overwhelmed with the things we can’t control, but we can’t control them.

So it’s like, it’s just a waste of effort. We’re not going to change anything. So I had a friend once who said, you know, how do you stay so calm in spite of everything life’s thrown at you and I so, well, I, I refuse to think about the things I can’t control because they just make me worse.

So I find the one thing I can control and I cling to it in like the lifeboat in the messy head of my brain, as it navigates things, you know, whatever that is, whatever that one thing is that you can do. I think you can just cling to it. So, so many amazing lessons. What would you say has been your proudest moment so far?


Wow. That there’s a lot that I’m, I’m grateful for truly. I would say probably the, the proudest moment was when I was able to, to take the material that and video stations across the country ask me, would I be so kind to, to come onto their, their platforms and deliver these messages?

Cause I, I was scared, you know, I, I fear, you know, there’s two, I, I, I use two acronym. I use fear in two acronyms, one false evidence of being false evidence appearing real. And the other one is face, face, everything, and rise up and face it all and rise.

So I was given an opportunity in 2019, early 2000 late, 2019, 2020 to partake in a radio show. And I remember the gentleman who asked me to do it. He had said, mark, we’d like for you to come and deliver the process on radio every Saturday morning at, at 10 o’clock.


And I was said, no, I’m not sure I’m ready for it. And I remember him saying, you know what? This is the only time you’re gonna get this offer from us. Either take it or leave it. So what did I do? I, I said, you know, wait a minute, maybe I need to think about it. He said, okay, go right ahead. You got to close a business. Didn’t gimme an answer.

So I, you know, I, I, I stepped down on faith and did that. And then that led to another opportunity, which is a, a huge opportunity with w G L R O radio with 64,000 daily listeners.

So every Thursday I have a show that’s on there, the process as well. So two radio stations will probably be one of the biggest, but probably the most, the single most rewarding thing that thus far has, has come to when I had an opportunity to travel to mobile Alabama and deliver a keynote speech for a organization who was delivering scholarships for young men and women in the area.


Oh, amazing. And that was impactful just to see, to see myself in the audience, to see that there was young men, young women who were holding onto what I was saying and believing that they too could, could change.

There’s nothing that they are going through right now. That is, that is finite. Everything is temporary that they’re going through and they’re learning pains. So these opportunities to share a message has been the, the single most rewarding things in my life.

I, I never thought in my wildest dreams, if you could have told me 20 years ago, that you’d be that I’d be doing this, I’d have laughed at you. Honestly. You’re crazy. I, I wouldn’t be doing that. But today I realized that, you know, others saw more in me than I saw in myself. It was up to me to believe that I could be that person.


I love that. It’s so true. Isn’t it. We, we often are the thing that gets in our own way.

We are the, we are the biggest critic and I think it was Ellenor Roosevelt that said we should do something every day that we think we can’t. And it’s like, you know, if you, if you do, if you go do those bits and then you look back and maybe you don’t achieve it every time, but you suddenly realize you survived. It’s like go to the end of the day. And you’re like, okay. So I’ve learned, I’m not so great. I had some parachuting, but I still made it to the ground. So we’re all good.


That’s right. That’s right.


I love it. And that whole piece around being able to give back to pay it forward, to be able to take the experiences that you’ve overcome, that you’ve had to find a way through and share, share that knowledge, share those tips to the next generation, to people that hopefully can learn from your journey without having to go through your journey, or at least not quality. It must


Such a, it’s funny you bring that up. Cause I think about, I, I, when I closed season four of the pro excuse me, season five of the process, which I entitled procrastination that the, for time I thought about what it was that the, the impactful people that were on my journey, I thought about, you know, the individuals who, the, their small contributions, although they thought they were small, they were enormous.

I mean, I still relate to those things and think about some of the things that they told me but many years ago, let’s just say many years ago. Yeah. I, I mean, I think about hold onto some of those words that didn’t make sense then, you know, but they really make sense today and what they were trying to teach and say, and I think just feel is so it, it, it, we have to get to the point to where we are, are giving back.


We, we, we are taking again, I keep using that old adage taking self out of the equation. Cause I know I lived, you know, I used to live my life transactional, meaning what can you do for me? And it took a long time for me to realize that you need to live transformational. It’s what can you do for others? That’s the way that you need to live.

And that is who you are internally. And we all, you know, again, I go back to say, I’m the internal optimist. We all have that in us. It’s just up to us to decide if we’re gonna leave somebody bitter or we’re gonna leave them better. It’s our call.


I love that. It is so true. Isn’t it? It is up to us. And, and it, it’s funny. I’ve gone through it a stage in the last few years of going, yeah, I see something. I’m just gonna go and, and gonna go and say something to that person.

So you, I’m the weirdo that stops people on the tube and goes, your hair looks amazing today. Start off with going, she’s talking on the tube, that’s a bit awkward, but you see the difference. It makes even something so small about actually going and paying it forward.

And this weekend, the same happened to me. I happened to sit down in this coffee shop and this lady, these two ladies like interrupted me and said, excuse me, can we just say, you look really lovely? I was like, well, thank you.

You’ve just sorry. If we were really weird, I was like, no, I just love I’ve met kindred spirits cuz I do this all the time, but I would never have done it when I was younger as I would’ve been too self-conscious that people would think, well, why she think her opinion matters, but actually we’ve got opinions.


Haven’t we we’ve got things that we can share. And as long as we’re doing it through kindness, then I think it’s having that confidence to say that might be the thing that stops them. Having a bad day today.

That might be a thing that gives them just that boost of confidence that goes, yeah. You know, not doing too bad. I can, I can nail this. I think those bits are crucial and it’s uncomfortable. Isn’t it sharing your truth, sharing your journey, sharing your vulnerability.


It is it it’s it’s because you don’t know. We live in a society, always judges, right? So we are so quick to judge other people and what they’ve gone through and say, you know, that famous words, that won’t be me when, when a fact of the matter is we all go through it. It may not be the same exact situation, but it’s something similar that everybody can relate to.

And that was the purpose of the process. Again, just to, to sit down with everybody and say, Hey, this is a fact I can all go through everything that goes well, there’s there’s job loss. There’s there’s death, there’s divorce, there’s drug addiction.

There’s so many different things that we, there there’s hatred. There’s so many different things that in gender, gender, there’s discrimination, everything that is impacted inside this world, we all are affected by, but how do we take it and not let that just sit inside of our spirit and, and take us down.


What are the things that we can do refer to go back to relate to versus turning on that, that idiot box and hearing the negative things that are going on across the world. What can we turn on and grab something that’s gonna make our lives in our spirit, right? Cause our spirit is what’s gonna carry us. What will take our spirit to the next level, to where we’re okay.

We can exhale. We can put a smile on our face and we can, you know, consciously, like you talked about, walk up to somebody and say, you look good today with a smile on their face. Because again, you have that, that kind spirit and that spirit of, of, of humanity. And that’s we gotta get to that. We truly have to get to that.


We have haven’t we cause you know, it’s it, it’s so uplifting. Isn’t it? You, I’m trying to teach my little girl that, you know, when somebody’s unkind to her, they might be really sad to themselves.

So don’t assume that they’re being unkind to you. Cause they’re being mean they might just need more love. So try and respond with kindness and then possibly move away if there is still another kind place. So they don’t hit you for the second time.

But for that piece around it, trying to look at it with a bit more compassion, you’re looking at how it’s made you feel. But think about what’s going through your head when you’ve done those things. When you’ve flushed out, when you’ve been frustrated with somebody, how are you feeling? And it’s always been sad. You know, it’s always come from a position of, you know, pity of the party.


Doesn’t it. If I’m sad, I want you to be sad and right. I think when we get to the other side of that, that goes actually it, I wanna leave everybody with a feeling of increase. Like they actually feel better as a result of the interaction and, and therefore won’t dread the thought of having the interaction again in the future versus that whole, oh my goodness. I’m glad that’s over. And I don’t want to go, go through that again.

So you’ve got so many great examples for us and so many great messages. And you’ve talked about being able to deliver those and seeing yourself in the audience when you’ve been delivering them to, you know, at, at, at keynotes, if you could go back and give young mark any advice, what would it be?


Mm mm mm I’d say it’s a couple things. One I would say you need to listen now your, your elders didn’t get to be your elders by just waking up one day, they walked in the shoes that are prepared for you to walk in.

So I, I would say that, but I always, you know, I use something that, that I, I keep by me all the time and I Al almost read it every single day. It talks about the, you know, the, the eight pieces of wisdom that can change your life.

And I didn’t have those. And I would say, number one, you know, words are powerful. Used them wisely. Number two, people come and go, but the right ones stay inside your life. The third one you’re doing enough. Even if it doesn’t feel like it every single day, mark that you got up.


And as a young man, you had an opportunity and you’re doing the best you can. The fourth one I would say probably is. Failure is only when you don’t try. I did try. You know what I mean? I played it close to the vest and I even as an adult, I mean, you know, comfort is a cashier grow. I got comfortable in things.

You know, you talked about this number five random acts of kindness makes everyone feel better, know number six, live live for today. And for tomorrow, enjoy the day you talk, Eleanor Roosevelt, what can you do today? What can you do today to change your perspective? Number seven, never look back. There’s nothing there for you. I always joking. When I laugh and talk, say, you know, there’s a reason they made that rear view mirror so small and that front mirror extremely big.


You’re never to look back. And last one that I think is most important that that we are guilty of is overthinking kills, happiness, overthinking, worrying. It kills you day, kills your momentum. You know, whatever is going to be is going to be, you control the thoughts. You think the actions you take and the visions you see, we’re in control of that.

So if I could take the young mark, the, the, the impressionable mark, the mark that wanted people to the, like him, the mark, that wasn’t sure of his self, if I could take back and I could get him to open his mind, open his heart and open his, his, his brain to those eight things, man, I, I, I, I think that it would’ve been a beneficial time for me in my life.

But I will say this. I’m glad I had the experiences, the learning experiences that I did, because that has made me the person that I am today.

And it’s helped me develop. What’s important. What’s not important what I can change and what I can’t change.


Amazing. That’s so true. Isn’t it is that, you know, I always come back to two pieces of advice that my grandparents gave me. My Nana always said, every day is a school day. So in every day you should learn something.

And my granddad always said live each day as if it should, last of one day, you’ll be right. And I think somewhere between the two, like learning something every day and not putting off until tomorrow, what you can do today has kind of really, really helped to push through some of those challenges. Mark, I could literally chat to you all day.

We’re definitely gonna have to get you back on, but in the interim, how can people get in touch with you?


Absolutely. They can visit my website. That’s the at the very top. When you go through there, you can actually, there’s all my social media links.

So you can click on each one of them, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, all of those are right there. You can also email me and through my website down at the very bottom, there’s a contact form. Email me. I would love to dialogue with you.

I love to share the information with you. You can go to all the major streaming outlets, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, all of ’em and look up Mark Smith, the process, and hear any one of those messages.

And of course, again, you can tune in the star 1 0 7 on Saturday mornings, 10 o’clock Eastern standard time, as well as w G L R O radio 11:00 AM Eastern standard time to hear the process. It will change your life cause truly your why is greater than your situation, which is part of your process.


Amazing. It’s been an absolute, absolute joy. I’ make sure all the details are in the show notes and Mark until last until next time. Thank you so much.


Thank you, Kim. Have a great day


And you, bye.

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