Announcing: Influential Visions Podcast – Season 6

Influential Visions Podcast –  Season 6 ‘Navigating The Disruptive Technology Revolution  

Here we interview futuristic leaders who share their deep industry knowledge and business experience with you. Ensuring you have your finger on the pulse and your eyes wide open.

Nathaniel Schooler is the regular host here at Influential Visions Podcast, we also have a number of other amazing co-hosts too. Including Kim-Adele Randall, Nicolas Babin, Tyler Cohen Wood and Treasa Dovander.

This podcast series delves into the intricate world of artificial intelligence, energy, blockchain and other major disruptive technologies and their impact on our society and other important considerations. These episodes will be streamed weekly for 10 weeks from Tuesday 18th April.

1)     AI Exposed: The Dynamic Intersection of Technology, Society, and the Future

Monique Morrow and Nathaniel Schooler explore the concerns, benefits, and security implications of this rapidly evolving technology. We’ll discuss the role of AI in sectors such as law and robotics, healthcare, the emergence of the next phase in technology.

This conversation will also shed light on organizations striving to make AI work for the greater good and help listeners develop a balanced perspective on this transformative force. Tune in to stay informed, aware, and ready for the AI-driven future!

Topics discussed include ChatGPT, surveillance, privacy, identity. The consequences of the marginalised internet and digital equality.

Monique Morrow is President of the Humanized Internet, a non profit organization active in protecting the digital identities of under-represented populations. Monique has been recognized in the industry for her tireless focus on social good. She holds over 17 patents and has co-authored several books.

More about Monique here.

2)      The Energy Crisis: Disrupting the Big Grid with Solar and Batteries

Bill Nussey and Nathaniel Schooler discuss the current energy crisis and how the largest industry in the world is not embracing the green agenda fast enough.

The transition to clean energy is hindered by outdated infrastructure and political obstacles. Bill Nussey proposes a faster path to a sustainable future through “local energy” systems like solar rooftops and small battery systems. These disruptive, technology-driven solutions offer improved reliability, equity, and affordability while creating more jobs compared to large-scale projects.

Bill is a partner at the venture firms Engage and Tech Square Ventures. He spent most of his career as a tech CEO, but also spent several years with another venture firm, Greylock, and later, as an executive at IBM, helping run the company’s strategy.

Bill is also the author of Freeing Energy: How Innovators Are Using Local-scale Solar and Batteries to Disrupt the Global Energy Industry from the Outside

More about Bill here.

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