A diverse team with big ideas.


Nelly Shein

Chief Media Officer

A Seasoned Business Journalist with 25 Years of Experience in Magazines, Newspapers, Radio and Internet TV, Reporter to becoming the CEO of Scandinavia’s largest media company, Author of 25 Books.


Nathaniel Schooler

Founder, Podcast Host, Amazon Best Selling Author, and Entrepreneur. He has been a trusted advisor to many leading international enterprises and brands, including IBM, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, Mentor Nations, and Brother Printers. He has created multiple all-inclusive media campaigns for his clients.


Tanja Prokop

Graphic Designer

Mother, wife, doctoral student, teacher, business owner, and graphic designer specializing in book cover design. 


Juan Hoyos

Chief Customer Officer

Critical thinker, strategic marketer, CX manager and communication expert, advertising planner. Successful entrepreneur for more than 17+ years, after developing a solid experience in Marketing and Advertising in different multinationals both agency side and client side.