Alright, alright, hold on a sec. The internet went rogue this week. Apparently, some overzealous construction crew decided my building’s internet connection was public enemy number one. Annoying? Absolutely. But hey, silver linings, right? This little digital detox forced me to dust off the old pen and paper for some serious goal planning. Not exactly a walk in the park, but you have to do what you have to do.

Speaking of to dos, this whole internet fiasco unearthed a number of great expert talks from my archives – a conversation about the ever-present struggle that is Telco customer service. Let’s be honest, folks, it’s never been stellar, and in many cases, it’s still stuck in the dial-up era.

Now, I’m not going to name names, but let’s just say after several calls (and let’s not forget the three glorious hours spent navigating a chatbot that had all the personality of a brick and the human at the other end took 2 hours to respond), I was left feeling like I’d just finished a customer service obstacle course designed by a comedian.

To top it all off, I even reached out to the CEO of one of their local business units. Figured maybe they’d care, right? Wrong. He just asked where I was from, then promptly blocked me before I could even explain the internet apocalypse happening in my apartment.

Telcos, listen up. Starlink and its merry band of satellite providers are chomping at the bit, ready to steal your lunch. And frankly, they deserve it. This is the reality for us normal folks – terrible apps, glacial response times, and processes so convoluted they’d make Kafka weep.

The only saving grace? They haven’t had much competition. But that’s changing faster than you can say “low-orbit internet.”  Believe me, the second I have a shot at switching, I’m outta here. Speaking of switching, any Starlink users in Europe out there? Hit me up! I’d love to hear your experience on the good ship satellite internet.

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