The Future of AI AGI & ASI Ethics & Love Singularity is such a huge topic. It isn’t just a huge topic. It is one of the most important topics that we have to think about today.

As it has been throughout the history of mankind, just about all groundbreaking and transformative discoveries, inventions and scientific breakthroughs — perhaps with the exception of the wheel and certainly including electricity, telephones and the internet — were galloping way ahead of existing legal, social and ethical structures and understanding of the times.

Artificial Intelligence makes the aforelisted absolutely snail-paced!

The entire future of our existence and society as a whole rest on what we are creating today. This is just why the frameworks that are being put into place, the education that we must take responsibility for and the methods of control must be thoughtfully applied to protect not just us but our children and their children and so on.

Before we get into the Future of AI and this massively important topic, I need to fill you in…!

This week, rather decadently, I had two bank holidays. Being half British, I had a Spring Bank holiday off on Monday. And today, where I live In Croatia, it is Statehood Day (celebrating the first modern multi-party parliament in Croatia 1990).  Naturally there was Jujitsu training this morning. Then, I took most of the day to relax and recharge as I have been suffering from long Covid for a while when I overdo things. Now, as I am half American I am questioning, perhaps keen to celebrate USA holidays too!

All of this really explains why we haven’t a live video going out on the Influential Visions Podcast channels this week. I hope you will forgive us, particularly given the massive topic we are recording next week! I will be discussing The Future of AI / AGI & ASI, Ethics & Love, Singularity and more with Esteemed Business Expert and Regular Guest, Steven J. Manning.

The Future Of AI / AGI & ASI, Ethics & Love, Singularity

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is a field of theoretical AI research that attempts to create software with human-like intelligence and the ability to self-teach. Yes. We will give this a real-life treatment, explaining what that really means. What it does. How is it relevant to you all.

Artificial Super-Intelligence (ASI), or Superintelligent AI, is smarter than the human mind and can perform any task better. Or is it? Scary enough? Please tune in, please.

The technological singularity—or simply the singularity—is a hypothetical future point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable consequences for human civilization. Wiki

For example, the DeepMind researchers state that an AGI must be both general-purpose and high-achieving, not just one or the other. “Separating breadth and depth in this way is very useful,” says Togelius. “It shows why the very accomplished AI systems we’ve seen in the past don’t qualify as AGI.”

They also state that an AGI must not only be able to do a range of tasks, it must also be able to learn how to do those tasks, assess its performance, and ask for assistance when needed. And they state that what an AGI can do matters more than how it does it.   

Most engineering projects have well-scoped goals. The mission to build AGI does not. Even Google DeepMind’s definitions allow for AGI that is indefinitely broad and indefinitely smart. “Don’t attempt to build a god,” Gebru said.

Very, very interesting. And complex. However: is all this really “hypothetical?” Tune in…

Google is rebranding its assistants as more advanced “agents,” which it says could show reasoning, planning, and memory skills and are able to take multiple steps to execute tasks.

Ethics and Love and Singularity

Any discussion on A.I., absent some thought and time given to ethics implications of A.I., misses a massively important aspect of all this. It is fundamental ethics that drive so much behaviour, is it not?

These are topics that must be thought about especially considering that “love with robots” is actually becoming a thing! Singularity, something that is not quite yet a “thing:” but what on earth is it?

So, next week’s video will be with Steven J. Manning, and we will be discussing The Future of AI / AGI & ASI, Ethics & Love, Singularity. In depth in a no holds barred talk.

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